Zaidee Presentation at Lodge Killara No. 259

  • 4 October 2018
  • Lodge Killara No. 259

On Thursday 4 October, we had our Annual Zaidee Fundraising Night which was attended by RWBro. Richard Elkington DGM, along with a visiting WM and a number of number PMs, supported by their ladies.

Prior to closing the Lodge and adjourning to the South, we heard of a Brother who unfortunately was in a state of distress. As the name of the Brother and his personal circumstances are to be kept private and confidential, I can assure you the issue at hand was investigated. It was therefore appropriately moved, seconded and unanimously agreed by all, that we the Brethren of Lodge Killara, should assist as far as possible with immediate relief of his distress, to the sum of $1,000 from the Benevolent Fund. This was matched dollar for dollar by the Lodge Killara Social Club. Our worthy Brother extends his gratitude to the Lodge, in relieving him of distress at this time.

Allan Turner, Zaidee’s father was the guest speaker and he gave a talk on the Zaidee Foundation concluding with an audio-visual presentation, both of which were thought provoking with a powerful message. He gave a really passionate address about the issue of organ donation and what surprised many in attendance was the fact that tissue can also be donated.

Prior to the conclusion of the night we had our traditional raffle and whip around with the Brethren in attendance digging deep into their pockets. We managed to raise $570, and when added to a number of personal cheques from members and a cheque from Lodge Killara, the total was raised to $1,570 plus additional sales of bow ties, shoe laces and ribbons, all up for the night this made a grand total of $1,795 this was truly remarkable.

When presented to Allan Turner, he was certainly surprised by the generosity of all, making a point of stating the funds donated would be used to educate our younger generation in the need for organ and tissue donations.

Our DGM RWBro. Richard Elkington gave a short address, in which he concluded by saying, “the Brethren here tonight showed what makes successful Lodges, which is by having a sense of purpose. This, together with some other charities, has given Lodge a strong sense of purpose and is an example of a Lodge making a real difference” . Our DGM was made an Honorary Member of Lodge Killara No. 259 for the month so that he could wear the rainbow tie. He also gifted a rainbow tie for the Grand Commander of the Royal Ark Mariners, MWBro. Peter Julier.

Our WM said “To one and all, having relieved a Brother of his distress, along with support to the Zaidee Foundation as we did last Thursday night, not only am I proud to be known as a Freemason, I am proud to be a member of Lodge Killara, whose members support one another in their time of need and truly profess the tenants of Freemasonry which are brotherly love, relief and truth.”

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