Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith
“Through my works with Freemasonry I’ve been able to make friends all around the world.”
"Freemasonry teaches you the importance of raising money for something you believe in, so that you can see a difference being made.”

Freemasons Victoria has changed a lot since Wayne Smith first joined in 1979. Interested in the society from a young age, Wayne was unable to join until he was 21 years of age as his father was not a member, a stricture that has since been lowered to 18. However, any impediments to joining didn’t hamper his ardour for the organisation; Wayne threw himself into the rituals, the history, and the lessons taught by the Craft upon his admission, and soon found himself in various leadership roles. Currently Wayne serves Freemasons Victoria as Grand Secretary and as Grand Scribe Ezra, and very much enjoys his Masonic responsibilities as much as ever.

Wayne is passionate about what Freemasons Victoria stands for and would like people to understand that the society is not a religion or a bunch of old “fuddy duddies”; rather it is an organisation that teaches genuine and profound lessons. He enjoys the rituals and the social aspect of networking and building friendships, and his advice for anyone thinking of joining is to not simply take what you’re told at face value; peel back the layers, read widely, educate yourself and visit some Lodges.

This last piece of advice is something that Wayne is particularly enthusiastic about, having traveled to many different lodges around the world including the USA and France. He remains fascinated by the global scale of Freemasonry and states “even if I can’t understand the language, I can still join in and enjoy the ceremony.”

When reflecting on his time with the prestigious and venerable organisation, Wayne believes Freemasons Victoria has taught him compassion, companionship and charity, as well as bringing him great opportunities through his various roles within the organisation. Wayne is proud of the history of the Brotherhood and all that it stands for, and is looking forward to committing himself to whatever changes it undertakes in the future.