Volunteers, we need you!

In any member organisation, volunteering is vital in ensuring that things get done, while contributing to the success and growth of the organisation. Freemasons Victoria is no different and we have a veritable army of volunteers who are the lifeblood of Freemasonry. These include Lodge Stewards, Lodge Secretaries/Treasurers, District Coordinators, through to the various committees of Grand Lodge, our Ceremonial Team, and myself included.

As we all know, the most valuable commodity we each have is time. Time is at a premium in today’s society as we all face increased demands from our work, sharing of home duties, caring for relatives etc. However, the sense of fulfilment that any one of us receives from helping our organisation grow is very gratifying and I know I speak for many when I say that it is often the case that the time spent together with fellow Brethren in helping our Lodges and our wider Craft is often a reward in itself.

What I also know is that many of our Brethren have professional skills and life experience that can be of great value to our organisation and often they are waiting to be asked to help. My purpose in this note is to confirm that we are building a register of volunteers, with the aim of being able to call upon the Brethren, from time to time, to assist with various projects. Brethren, you can assist our various Volunteer Action Teams, the office, our membership teams, our Districts etc, as they take on the various tasks to ensure we achieve good outcomes, without incurring a financial cost to the organisation.

So Brethren, in the words of Bro. Lord Kitchener, “We want you”.

Or, more appropriately, we would ask you to help. We need you to help our fraternity. Therefore, if you have some skills and time which you think can assist the organisation, please register on the link below. We will then be able to gather this information and work our way towards engaging as many of our new volunteers to help grow Freemasons Victoria.

If you are not sure where your skills might be useful, here are some of the areas where volunteers can play a valuable role:

  • Volunteer Action Teams
    • Membership
    • Masonic knowledge: education, ritual and ceremonial
    • Property
  • Board Committees: finance, audit, complaints etc. 
  • Task Force
  • District Coordinator
  •  Heritage: library and collections
  •  Business development in Masonic Centres
  •  Ionic coaching

I look forward to working with many of you as we grow our volunteer ranks and thank you for your commitment and participation.


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

Volunteer Form