Volunteer Regional Trainer Positions

As part of the roll out of the new Mentoring Program there will be a one-day training workshop covering the interpersonal skills required by mentors with a section on masonic knowledge.

A behavioural skills tool (DiSC) will be used as part of the training, and trainers will be required to qualify to use the tool and debrief participants.

A preparation training program will be offered for Regional Trainers.

The positions will be based in Western & Eastern metropolitan regions as well as Northern and Western country Victoria and Gippsland.

The Regional Trainers will be the face of the mentor program and be seen as the first-line support for Mentor Officers, District Coordinators and mentors.  For this reason, they must be skilled communicators with refined facilitation skills.

Ideally, they would be qualified as trainers and experienced in the facilitation of communication, leadership and team building skills training.

They should also be experienced freemasons who are well respected by the brethren in their District and in their own lodge.

For further information on applications contact: WBro. Peter White, Chairman Mentor Committee, Membership VAT on 0405 058 537 or Email: pehm.white@bigpond.com