Having experienced the energy, festivities and celebration of 300 years of the coming together of the London Lodges on 24th June 1717 and commencing the birth of worldwide Freemasonry, the honour of representing the Grand Lodge of Victoria is not lost on me. I appreciate the support of Mya, our Deputy Grand Master, Keith and Fiona.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master of England, HRH the Duke of Kent, hoped that all who attended the tercentenary of the formation of the United Grand Lodge of England would return to their homes with happy memories of an historic occasion. To be in the Grand Temple of Freemasons Hall with approximately 340 Grand Masters from Constitution around the world and to witness the spectacle at Albert Hall I can assure that we were amazed.

I will bring to you a more comprehensive account of our time at the celebrations over the next few weeks – stay tuned.

MWBro. Don Reynolds

Grand Master