The Importance of Member-Ready Lodges

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How would you feel if you went to join another Lodge (or Order), only to be told: “Sorry, we have no record you are a Freemason?”. This is a situation that should never happen, yet one we have unfortunately encountered.

The term “Member-Ready Lodge” is one that brings with it a deal of polarity. Surely every single Lodge is a Member-Ready Lodge? Afterall, every Lodge has members. A significant problem, however, is which Lodges take care of their members? How does one measure objectively and not subjectively? How can we ensure new initiates will be taken care of and embraced with Brotherly Love?

The Member-Ready Lodge concept in itself is nothing more than Constitutional requirements on measure. If a Lodge installs a new Master or initiates a new Brother, it is these requirements which ensure their Masonic history is recorded appropriately. Couple this with one often already existing requirement of a Lodge Engagement Officer (which is at least one member who focuses on improving the engagement in the Lodge and Community) and your Lodge is Member-Ready.

Now that we have the basics in place, the Member-Ready Lodge concept will be extending into objectively assessing the quality of the member experience. The drivers here are about improving the member engagement and therefore our capacity to keep members lifelong.