Sue Benedykt

Sue Benedykt
“I’ve seen my husband become the leader of this organisation in Victoria, and over the 41 years he has been a member I have been by his side the entire journey.”
“Freemasons are the most diverse group of people in any organisation I ever seen – diverse in age, ethnicity, religion, profession and it is global. What they share, however, are common values that have stood the test of time.”

In 1975 Sue Benedykt, a Kindergarten teacher, married Hillel Benedykt and began one of the great journeys of her life. In that time, Hillel became an active and enthusiastic Freemason and Sue was able to witness first-hand the benefits he gained from his involvement in the craft. “Hillel developed as an individual,” Sue explains, “and a contributor to FMV’s philanthropic activities.” Examples of his charitable nature can be seen by his engagement with initiatives such as the Think Pink Living Centre and the Blue Ribbon Foundation; initiatives that Sue was also able to be heavily involved in.

While women cannot become official members of Freemasonry, Sue considers herself very much a part of the Freemasonry community, and thoroughly enjoys attending the many events and functions put on for the partners of Freemasons. She encourages others to see Freemasonry as she sees it: “an inclusive organisation that attracts good people to be part of it, many of whom will become your true friends”.

Sue has been able to support her husband all throughout his Masonic career, including when Hillel became the Grand Master of Victoria, an accomplishment that Sue describes as one of the couples’ proudest moments. To this day, Sue enjoys meeting people in the community, but above all she enjoys the feeling that she is making a difference through her involvement.