Steve Austin

Steve Austin
“I think it’s fantastic that young people are joining, we need to focus on that demographic.”
“When you’re a Mason you’ve got a great family everywhere you go.”

To say that Freemasonry runs through Steve Austin’s veins is to put it mildly. Steve is a third generation Freemason on both sides and is currently researching a possible link to previous generations. Steve himself belongs to two Lodges, Fairfield and Samaritan, as well as many other orders, and is an active committee member across the board.

For those thinking about joining Freemasonry, Steve recommend that if they are under 50 they first join the Blue Lounge Social Club, which is a space dedicated to help newcomers understand what Freemasonry is all about. “Not only can you ask questions and meet Freemasons”, Steve explains, “it is also a great environment to help you get familiar with many of the aspects of Freemasonry.”

One of the biggest misconceptions that Steve feels the public should know is that Freemasonry isn’t a secret society, but it is a society with some secrets: “in present times the organisation is more open to the public, it’s all just a matter of asking the right questions to the right person.” As Steve would surely agree, depending on the response you might be stunned and pleasantly surprised by what you hear.

Thanks to the self-development opportunities that Freemasonry offers, Steve feels more confident and has learnt that he should never be afraid to ask questions. His time with the Brotherhood has also helped him with public speaking, presentations and of course being a good man with a strong moral compass.

Steve is very proud to be part of a society that is more than just the members involved, but their families as well – not just in Victoria but all around the world and encourages anyone interested to contact their nearest lodge.