Start the Conversation – FMV Suicide Prevention Campaign

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14 September is R U OK? Day, a national day of action and a reminder to all Australians that you've got what it takes to have a life-changing conversation. Start the conversation today to help protect against suicide.

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Find out more about R U OK? Day and suicide prevention on their website HERE.

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“Freemasonry is a well-established and honourable fraternity. Its members have a strong sense of values and principles, which encourage them to provide social, benevolent, intellectual and moral guidance for the benefit of each other and their families.

Through individual Lodges, Freemasonry conducts a number of ceremonies to new and existing members which are designed to reinforce these values, stimulate thinking and develop self -awareness.

Lodges also provide fellowship, counselling, mentoring, friendship and tolerance with a philanthropic and community orientation. We are an organisation of good men, supporting each other, our families and the community.”

– Don Reynolds, Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria

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Freemasons of Victoria are coming together to help spread the message.The campaign, proudly supported by Mirvac aims to encourage men to support friends and family to help us on our journey to raising awareness of male suicide in Australia. The campaign emphasises the importance of a being supportive by just listening.

Suicide is a devastating public health issue that sends deep fractures across the community and demands our attention. In 2015 the ABS recorded 3,027 suicides – 75% of these were men, and mostly men in their middle years aged 25 – 54 years old. Australia along with other western countries is experiencing a 10 year peak in suicides.

Based around the 2017 Men’s Health Week theme of ‘Healthy body – Healthy mind: keeping the balance’, Freemasons Victoria and its partner Mirvac, are promoting the importance of men and boys managing to keep healthy – physically and emotionally in a busy and sometimes challenging world.

Help Make a Difference

  • Be a listening ear to family members or friends
  • Send a quick text, ask them if they are ok- small steps can make a big difference
  • Speak to your local doctor or counsellor for further advice on how you can support someone who is feeling down

Helpful Resources

Click Here to view a range of helpful resources surrounding mental health.

Let's start the conversation.