Special Presentation for Police Officer Bro. Gary Jenkins

A Freemason for 27 years, police officer Bro. Gary Jenkins was installed in the Chair of King Solomon at Elrona Lodge No. 384 on Tuesday 16 August during a special ceremony. The installation, conducted by former Victorian Assistant Police Commissioner MWBro. Vaughan Werner PGM and the Victoria Police Unanimity Ceremonial Team, took on special meaning for Gary, who has served Victoria Police for over 22 years.

Bro. Jenkins admits that he was very fortunate to be granted dispensation from Grand Lodge to enable the Victoria Police Unanimity Ceremonial Team to conduct his installation, which proved to be very personal and poignant.

Gary's installation was made even more memorable with the presentation of a unique gavel made for the occasion. The gavel came from the president of Victoria Police Unanimity Club, WBro. Pete Henry, and was crafted to resemble an early style police baton.

Throughout his policing career, Bro. Jenkins has held several positions, including work in the Water Police Squad, Mill Park Crime Investigation Unit and various squads within Crime Command. Bro. Jenkins is currently attached to the E-Crime Squad of Crime Command.

Gary was initiated in the Maritime Lodge No. 569 at Williamstown Masonic Centre on 27 May 1989. He was passed and raised in the same Lodge.

At the time of his initiation, Bro. Jenkins was a train driver. In 1990 he took a change in direction in his career and became a Park Ranger at Eildon State Park. As a result, he joined the Albert Edward Lodge No. 59 in June 1990, which met at Alexandra Masonic Centre. Here he continued for several years to the office of Junior Warden.

In July 1994, Bro. Jenkins joined Victoria Police and upon returning to Melbourne, obtained a clearance from the Albert Edward Lodge.

Bro. Jenkins remained out of Freemasonry for 22 years until he overheard a work colleague talking on the phone about Freemasonry. Consequently, he joined his peers at Elrona Lodge No. 384 in 2014 and took up the office of Junior Warden later that year.

Congratulations Gary and we wish you a successful year as Worshipful Master of Elrona Lodge.