Special Interest Groups

One of the key reasons why men not only become Freemasons but remain in the Craft are the friendships and social aspects of membership. Masons enjoy hanging out with other Masons. Be it golf days, weekends away, social nights and many other activities outside of the Lodge room, Masons like engaging with each other.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is a new project under Freemasonry to connect Masons with other Masons who have shared interests and hobbies. It might be sporting, such as wanting to watch professional football or enter a team in a local soccer competition; culinary, such as enjoying gourmet food and drink events like a restaurant group, whisky or wine appreciation, or perhaps weekends away; or it might be shared experiences such as current or former servicemen or members of the 50 Year Jewel group in the Craft.

It does not matter if its golf, yachting or pigeon racing, the aim of SIGs is to find other Masons with the same interests and hobbies and connect them for everyone’s enjoyment.

Not everything Masonic happens in a Lodge

50 Year Jewel Club

Military Services


Masonic Study Group

Rugby Tragics

The Golden Fleece Clay Target Club


Cycling and Coffee Club

Setting up a SIG

SIG is a new concept so the setup is very important

Step 1

Similar to setting up a new Lodge, a new SIG requires a working concept with a team behind it in order to bring it to life. What is the purpose of the SIG? What are the activities of the SIG? Are there enough Masons to make a critical mass to ensure success? Which Brethren are stepping up as the SIG convenors?

Step 2

Once you have filled out your online application form, it will be sent to Bro. Chris Andrews, Grand Superintendent of Membership. 

If you have any questions about setting uo a new SIG, please contact Bro. Chris Andrews GSuptMem at gsuptmembership@fmv.org.au 

Step 3

Once your SIG is approved and set up, it is time for your first event. In order to market your event to Masons all over Victoria with an interest in that area, you need to write an email for the event. The SIG convenor will then send that email out to all Masons in Victoria that have indicated interest in that area. 

Step 4

Each SIG team are there to support the group with ideas and advice on building and running a successful program. Ultimately, it comes down to enthusiastic convenors working in the best interests of their members to create enjoyable events.

What are your Hobbies and INterests?

In order to join or start a SIG with Masons who share your hobbies and interests, you need to tell us what you enjoy doing when you are not at Lodge. Please click HERE to turn your interests and hobbies into a potential SIG and bring together like-minded Masons because not everything Masonic happens in a Lodge!