Sashi Sanmugathas

Sashi Sanmugathas
“We help other people regardless of their background or where they come from.”
“Whatever we do in our life, we must do it with moral values.”

Born in Sri Lanka, Sashi Sanmugathas travelled to Australia as an international student in 1999. After he got settled in Australia he looked forward to involving himself in community work and helping others, so at the end of 2012 he was looking for ways to do this and found Freemasons Victoria which has helped him to achieve his desires.

Initiated in 2013, Sashi was first drawn to the Craft due to his passionate interest in philanthropy and charitable works. After doing a great deal of research, both online and in person, Sashi decided to join and soon set about involving himself in the local community, volunteering his time and contributing any way he could to various charities. Through these avenues Sashi felt he was able to meet and connect with a multitude of individuals, and has experienced a litany of rewarding encounters with grateful people. Sashi is a very active within Freemasonry, he is a member of the Freemasons Taskforce, Monash Gully District panel, state treasurer of the Blue Lounge Social Club as well as district liaison. Through these roles Sashi has plenty of opportunities to get involved with local community activities and charities. “Because of this and the way we help the local communities,” Sashi says, “my colleagues and friends always tell me that they are inspired by what we Freemasons do for others. After seeing my masonic journey, one of my colleagues joined the Craft and two more friends are thinking of joining.”

Sashi maintains that he enjoys the humble nature of Freemasonry above all else: “it’s not about doing good things for the community to be recognised for it,” he explains, “it is about doing good things because you want to do them.” Sashi looks forward to helping many more people in the future, and would encourage any man with a positive outlook on life and a giving heart to join this esteemed society.