Roy Alderton

Roy Alderton
“Freemasons Victoria is a friendly and compassionate organisation and it gives people the opportunity to develop and improve."
"I have gained so much being a Freemason, and by proxy so has my wife.”

Roy Alderton is truly an impressive, modern day, international man. Not only can he speak three languages, German and French to go along with English (with a fourth on the way, Spanish) he has also held the role of Marketing Executive at a major oil firm for 20 years before becoming an accountant, and has seen much of the world in his time on it. Most proudly for Roy, however, is his happy marriage of 56 years that has produced three children and four grand-kids.

Roy, who was born in England, joined Freemasons as a way to carry on the tradition of his grandfather, uncle, and brother who were all members. He feels that Freemasons Victoria allowed him to develop in remarkable ways. “It taught me patience”, explains Roy, “that nothing happens overnight, and that one has to be tolerant and understanding.” During his tenure with the organisation he has been the Grand Treasurer at the Henty Lodge, was instrumental in setting up the Freemasons Foundation, and still serves on the Grand Lodge Finance and Foundation Committee.

Both he and his wife continue to enjoy the social functions and friendships they have made during his time as a Freemason, and Roy advises anyone considering becoming a member to “just join up,” as they “won’t regret it for a moment!”. For new recruits, he recommends going with the flow and absorbing as much as you can, and as one of the core tenets of Freemasonry suggests – always be open to learning.