Rodney Lavin

Rodney Lavin
“I conduct myself ethically and professionally in every aspect of my work and try to bring the same commitment to my everyday life.”
“We are starting a new dining lodge with the idea of bringing in new people who have a modern and progressive outlook on things.”

Freemasons Victoria is many things to many different people. For Rodney Lavin it is a “life-changing organisation” that has had a “distinctly positive impact on my life.” Not only has the experience led to a lot of personal growth, it has brought into his life close, personal friends that he would otherwise never have met. On top of this, he is proud of the historic traditions upheld by the Craft, and the values it instills in its members.

Rodney, an experienced Financial Planner, has realised his professional dream of opening his own practice and remains passionate about his work to this day. He understands that people need financial planning throughout their life, but first and foremost Rodney is a family man, and has always strived to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This behaviour is typical of Masonic members, as family involvement and general organisational skills are highly encouraged by Freemasonry broadly.

Rodney has maintained an interest in the welfare of his community and was elected Councillor for the City of Berwick from 1989 to 1992. As a Freemason, he has led many successful fundraising efforts, including the purchase of a bus for a disability group in Traralgon and is constantly amazed by the Freemasons capacity to help others. “A lot of people talk about being charitable,” Rodney states, “but actions speak louder than words.”

Rodney is enthusiastic about the future of Freemasons Victoria, and is excited about the direction it is heading. With an emphasis on the inspiring leadership of new CEO Jane Sydenham-Clark, he enjoys the more modern and progressive path the Craft is taking by keeping up with the times and being more open to the public. Rodney is now focussed on attracting new members, particularly of younger generations, and encourages anyone who is interested in the prestigious society, or just plain curious, to consider joining.