Robert Pullin

Robert Pullin
“Being a Freemason has given me the confidence to stand on my own two feet.”
“I’m proud of how credible this organisation is, and how it teaches a strict moral code.”

In cricket terms you might say Robert ‘Bob' Pullin has knocked up a “solid half century” with Freemasons Victoria, having been a long-standing and very proud member since 1964. In this time he has enjoyed a range of experiences at a number of lodges including South Lodge, Rosebank Lodge and the Lodge of the Great Ocean Road. Bob is particularly appreciative of the way Freemasonry has shaped him as a person and affected how he goes about living his day-to-day life: “my journey with Freemasonry has been one of self-development,” Bob states, “and along the way I’ve noticed significant positive changes in myself.”

For Bob, the key aspect that drew him to the organisation was the opportunity to meet other good men who shared his values of honesty and integrity, as well as sharing his interest in maintaining strong ties to the community. Over the years he has made many friends who he cherishes to this day. He encourages anybody who has even an inkling of curiosity in Freemasonry to check it out for themselves and believes that there is nothing better than feeling you belong to an organisation that does such outstanding charitable works.

Above all Bob enjoys being part of something bigger than himself, and looks forward to continuing his “innings” for as long as he can.