Robert Morcomb

Robert Morcomb
“The best argument for joining Freemasonry is just to look at our older members. We have a few blokes who are in their 90’s but they still have it all together. I wouldn’t want to have an argument with them; they’re so quick and sharp! They may be 90, but they look like they’re 70, and act like they’re 50! There’s no doubt in my mind that Freemasonry keeps you young, both in body and spirit.”
“Always ask questions and never stop enquiring. It's made me who I am today.”

Like many Masons, Robert Morcomb has been a member of a number of different lodges over the years. He started off in the King Lake Lodge but then moved to the Plenty Valley Lodge when the two merged. Here they occupied the Ivalda Masonic Centre, a building that Robert describes as “simply fantastic”, and is famous for its domed roof. A few years later this lodge folded (although the Masonic Centre is very much still in use), so he joined the Sunbury Lodge where he has been happily settled ever since.

Robert initially joined the Craft due to the recommendations of a friend, and because, in his own words “it seemed mysterious and exciting”. The more he learned about the history and ceremonies, the more he wanted to find out, and his passion for the organisation only grew from there. Retired now for 6 years, Robert formerly worked as a Customs Officer at locations such as the Melbourne Airport and Melbourne Wharf, as well as in Albury-Wodonga where he was charged with protecting wineries. Originally in compliance and auditing, Robert ended up in charge of security for Customs Victoria.

Robert’s best piece of advice for people thinking about joining this prestigious organisation is simply- don’t wait! “My biggest regret is not joining earlier,” he explains, “and the more I speak to other members the more I hear them express that same regret. So don’t make the same mistake I did. Get involved!”