Robert Faulkner

Robert Faulkner
“It’s pretty special to be a part of an organisation that does so much good”
"What is Freemasonry? In short; It’s a worldwide brotherhood.”

Mystery is one of the most compelling concepts to the human mind. It is no surprise, therefore, that one of the main things that initially drew Robert Faulkner to Freemasons Victoria was the layer of intrigue surrounding the organisation. “It drove me crazy,” Robert says, remembering those early days. On top of this, he had a number of friends who were already members, and rather than satisfy his curiosity, they only stoked it further with vague but intriguing remarks about “brotherhood”, “ritual” and “charity”. It didn’t take long for Robert to join, and in 1974 he started a Masonic journey that would not only satiate his desire to know the unknown, but also set him on a path of incredible self-development.

Robert now fully understands this great organisation; a society whose philanthropic work is second to none, and which has an amazing social aspect as well. Robert is filled with pride when he thinks about the work Freemasons do in the community, and often reflects on how he and others were able to help with bushfire relief in 2016.

Robert wishes for others to get to know the Craft the way he did, particularly the way in which the organisation encourages one to reflect upon their values on a regular basis, and to consider the importance of living an ethical life. Robert looks to others as examples of the principles he has learnt to apply in his day to day life, and views many of his fellow Freemasons as mentors as well as friends.

Robert’s advice to prospective members is simple: “make sure your values match the values of the organisation,” he says, “go to social functions, spend time with Freemasons, and if the curiosity is still there, like it was for me, then put your hand up and join!”