Robert Billing

Robert Billing
“A Freemason always treats people fairly and acts in the best interest of his community”
“We all define Freemasonry in different ways, but the constant is our Brotherhood. Good men supporting each other.”

A member since 2006, Robert Billing was initially drawn to the organisation due to the alluring mystery surrounding Freemasonry. Whilst he soon realised not all of the exotic rumours were true, he did discover that being a member was a lot more fulfilling in new and interesting ways. During his time at Lodge Cornucopia in Gippsland, Robert was able to develop his confidence in public speaking and learn many important life lessons. “Freemasonry exposes you to many different types of people,” he says, “brought together under a common set of principles”. Today, Robert is confident that even if he hasn’t met a member yet, he is sure they will become good friends.

Robert is particularly proud of his Freemasons Victoria membership, and is always looking for opportunities outside of his lodge to work towards strengthening the Craft and building the numbers of the Brotherhood. He believes that today’s society needs Masonic values more than ever and encourages all good men to seek membership. “Freemasons hold themselves to a higher standard,” Robert says, “although we are only men, we work to improve ourselves, to be fair and just in all our undertakings.”

Robert firmly believes that many men do not truly know about Freemasonry, and just take what they see in popular culture such as in the Simpsons where Homer joins the ‘Stonecutters’. “Our meetings aren’t like that at all,” Robert explains with a smirk, “but the friendship and fun and feeling of Brotherhood is pretty close.” He is also quick to remind people that you don’t need to be the son of a Stonecutter (or a Freemason for that matter) to join the Craft.

Considering all the social aspects that Robert enjoys with Freemasons Victoria, he might just relish the dining events most of all. Every lodge night provides good food, great company, and the chance to share a laugh or have an in-depth discussion. He only wishes everyone else who isn’t a member yet could enjoy such delights.