Reinstallation of WBro. John Dunbar of Lowan Lodge

Brother Wiremu Larkins, Mrs Phyllis Pye and Brother Rhys Webb

A night of fun, laughs, great food and entertainment was had by all at the reinstallation of WBro John Dunbar of Lowan Lodge 107 on Saturday 25 May. Entertainment was provided by Ian Meek and a fabulous spread was put on by our very own Hester Dunbar and her amazing helpers. Right Worshipful Brother Peter Woods PDGM and the 2016 Country Grand Lodge team officiated over the proceedings. This year is a great milestone for The Lowan Lodge in that every floor officer is filled by Master Masons which hasn’t happened in many years. Worshipful Brother Dunbar stated he’s excited to see what 2019 brings for The Lowan Lodge and congratulated his hardworking team for helping out our community. 

Right Worshipful Brother Peter Woods with reinstalled Worshipful Brother John Dunbar And Lowan Lodge members. 

Brother Daniel Farinha, Mrs Christa Farinha and Miss Siobhan Webb.