Ceremony of Rededication at Bairnsdale Masonic Centre

Date: Saturday April 1, 2017

Time: 2.00pm

Dress: For Brethren – Craft Masonic Regalia. Ladies – smart attire

A colourful, spectacular Masonic re-enactment of the original Dedication Ceremony of the heritage listed “Masonic Hall”, now known as the Bairnsdale Masonic Centre in Francis St. Bairnsdale will take place on the Saturday April 1, 2017 at 2 pm.

Built in 1870 and added to in 1883, 1891 and 1925 as extensions of the original Lodge building, Bairnsdale Masonic Hall has been renovated and refurbished in accordance with heritage guidelines with funds provided by Freemasons Victoria, ensuring this iconic building serves Freemasonry and the community for many more years to come.

The Ceremony will mark the completion of the recently refurbished Masonic Centre and will be performed by the Freemasons Victoria Grand Ceremonial Team.

Freemasons from East Gippsland Lodges, other Masonic orders, local dignitaries, wives, partners and invited guests will witness the ceremony.

Many heads of Masonic orders and local lodges, as well as the Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria will be in attendance, dressed in full regalia.

During the renovation works the inscribed foundation stone was uncovered in the north-east corner of the original Lodge room. This valuable piece of Bairnsdales' history has been preserved under Perspex glass for future generations to view.

It is common practice for Freemasonry to dedicate buildings when first erected and to consecrate Masonic Lodges.

Ceremonies like this are unique and will highlight to all, the depth of Masonry that is practiced in the area.

It is anticipated that it will be a most popular event and therefore admission will be only by reservation.

Complimentary afternoon tea will be provided after the Ceremony, and will be an opportunity to meet with fellow Masons and the Ceremonial team members.

The Bairnsdale Lodges look forward to you being present to celebrate with them an important milestone in the life of this historic Bairnsdale building.