Ray Sutton

Ray Sutton
“On my initiation night I discovered fifteen friends and work colleagues were also in the Fraternity, so I felt very comfortable joining this esteemed society of men."
"I have a great deal of respect for my fellow members of Freemasons Victoria, and I consider many of them to be true pillars of the local community.”

Ray Sutton, a member of Freemasons Victoria from the Latrobe Lodge since 1965, has seen many changes in the organisation and has even brought about a few himself. As Treasurer, Master, and then Secretary of Jonadab Lodge, Ray brought his 15 years of IT administration skills to the fore and helped modernise many of the procedures still in use to this day. Not only did Ray help bring about a transition from hand-written documentation to more contemporary, digital record keeping, he also updated the manual membership process to a fully digitised one. This not only cut down the amount of time spent on these activities, but also improved their accuracy and accountability; something greatly appreciated by many Freemasons.

Ray has proven himself over the years to be both a dedicated Freemason and also a dedicated fan of Jazz.

He was a volunteer General Manager of the AGM for the Australian Jazz Museum from 2005 to 2014, and is still a volunteer undertaking ‘special projects'. Ray states that both he and his wife have always had a passion for Jazz music. Once again Ray was able to apply his IT skills to the way the Australian Jazz Museum manage their membership base, and was also able to help backup important hand-written information to be kept in the digital archives.

Ray is a great believer in constant self-improvement and a ceaseless quest to improve the world around him, aims which are frequently championed by Freemasons Victoria. He is, unsurprisingly, also heavily involved in charitable activities such as the Treasured Babies Fund which helps provide grief support for parents who have lost a child at birth.