Ramon Valery

Ramon Valery
“Learning and applying principles of righteousness and responsibility in the hope that one day it will inspire others is at the very core of Freemasonry.”
“Every family should have a Freemason in their home, to apply all the principles they learn and pass them on to the community.”

Ramon Valery came to Australia from his home country Venezuela when he was just 16 years old, looking for new and exciting opportunities. He found the adventure of a lifetime in Freemasons Victoria. Ramon’s mother and uncles were raised by Freemasons, which is where he heard about the organisation first, and his family also had many friends who were part of the society. Predictably, there were a lot of happy people and a great deal of enthusiasm when Ramon announced that he’d decided to join.

Ramon enjoys reading about history, and in doing so he has found that many famous occasions and historical events intimately involved Freemasons, which lead to great curiosity on his behalf. Eventually he became attracted enough to the legacy of the organisation, and the ideals it supported, that he joined the Lodge of Evolution in 2015. During his first year as a Mason, Ramon believes that the Craft has given him the opportunity to meet incredible people, has taught him to see everyone as equals, and has inspired him to see the world in a more open and considered way.

For Ramon, Freemasonry is an organisation of good people doing great things for the community and helping those in need. It teaches one about history, morality and how to become a better person. His advice for those thinking about joining is to be open and curious, as Freemasons will always be there to help you; “don’t be afraid about joining,” Ramon states, “the amount of amazing people you will meet is spectacular, they become part of your family and the lessons you learn every day are priceless.”

Ramon is very proud of his brothers, the lessons he’s learned, the special feeling he gets every time he sees the ‘square and compasses’ – the symbols of Freemasonry – and above all with his ongoing quest for self-improvement – a quest Freemasonry aids in immeasurably.