Quarterly Communication – 20 September 2017

The Quarterly Communication took place on 20 September 2017 in the lovely Kernot Hall. It was a beautiful day with a great turnout of around 100 members in Morwell. The event was also streamed live to 18 Masonic Centres that had a combined turnout of around 700 members. The event took the opportunity to bring together Brethren to enjoy fellowship and to vote on constitutional changes.  During this Quarterly Communication we released our first ever FMV Annual Report.

Images taken at the event in Morwell.

By taking advantage of today’s modern technology, we were able to facilitate a greater attendance at centres around Victoria, as well as enabling more members to vote for our constitutional changes. We had around 800 members who voted at this event. In 2014 there was only 400 members who attended and voted at the Quarterly Communication.

Live streaming also allowed those who were unable to attend the event or a streaming centre to watch it remotely and still be part of the Quarterly Communication. We are so pleased to be able to use this technology allowing more members to vote. We are thankful to those who are welcoming the small but necessary changes we are making.

We will continue to embrace this technology so we become more accessible for our members and keep up with today’s fast moving world!

If you missed the event, watch now below:

View the Live Streamed Video of the September Quarterly Communication on the Member's Site HERE

The event was streamed at these Masonic Centres:

  1. Swan Hill
  2. Mildura
  3. Warrnambool
  4. Shepparton
  5. Bendigo
  6. Bairnsdale
  7. Ballarat
  8. Collingwood
  9. Horsham
  10. Keysborough
  11. Geelong (Belmont)
  12. Preston
  13. Sunshine
  14. Wangaratta
  15. Cohuna
  16. Portland
  17. Box Hill
  18. Mortlake

The streamed event at Inner Eastern Masonic Centre in Box Hill.

From Lara Lodge: Seated is WM Graeme Roy TOLL with both his Wardens and both his Deacons, all 4 are MM. Streaming held at the Belmont Masonic Centre in Geelong.