Prospects Left Outside Alone? The Need For Engagement

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When someone puts up their hand to join Freemasonry, what message are they getting from your Lodge?

Gone are the days where a quadruple degree night was the norm. Society itself has continued to evolve, some for the better, and some not so much.

Our levels of attention were once superior to a Goldfish (9 seconds). However, that too has rapidly changed with the systemic expansion of social media and what scientists' call “Digital Dementia“; The most recent figure from Neuroscientists have our attention spans now averaging 8 seconds.

How then can we hope to compete with fleeting interests in joining unless we acknowledge the state of society? While we know all too well the many wonderful benefits to memory, attention and retention that Freemasonry can provide, Mister Joe Prospect does not… and his attention span will limit how long he waits to find out!

Currently, we have a predicament where through our recent repositioning of Freemasons Victoria, we have awoken the interest of many good men who are wanting to learn more about Freemasonry and what it means to take the step. We have hundreds of applicants awaiting balloting and initiation, and thousands who have connected to find out more.

How can you help? We are looking to find some brethren who are passionate about Freemasonry and have time available to discuss with these men what to expect and how to get started. If this sounds like you, or you know a Brother who would be ideal, don't hesitate to contact me here.