Plaridel Lodge No. 1893

The Board of General Purposes has approved a warrant to the petitioners for a new lodge to be called Plaridel Lodge, with permission to work Craft Ritual of The Grand Lodge of Philippines.

The number of the Lodge is 1893, in honour of Filipino Bro Marcelo H del Pilar, whose pen name was ‘Plaridel’, and who is recognised as the “Father of Filipino Masonry”. The Temple of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines Manila is named the Plaridel Masonic Temple, in his honour. The suggested number of the Lodge, 1893, marks the year Bro Del Pilar organised the first National Organisation of Masons in the Philippines.

The Lodge is a ‘Dining Lodge' featuring largely Filipino cuisine, with dinner following each meeting, in the early evening. The Lodge encourages members’ ladies, partners, spouses, wives and other members of the wider family and friends, particularly those who are not Masons, to attend every lodge dinner or festive board after each regular meeting. The dress code for lodge meetings will be either the traditional Filipino barong, or a lounge suit and tie. Members’ aprons and wives’ and partners’ sashes are in Filipino colours.

The meetings for this Lodge will take place at least five times per year, on the first Saturday of even months. The Lodge will convene its meetings at Freemasons Sunshine, currently located at 121 Callaway Blvd, Sunshine West VIC 3020.

The Consecration of the Plaridel Lodge No. 1893 will take place on Wednesday 18 September. You can book here for the event.