Peter Shellie

Peter Shellie
“The language and stories of the Craft and the way you connect different issues broadens your understanding of yourself and society.”
“In Freemasonry, I Mellowed. It gave me a sense of balance in how I consider things and view the world”

Joining this venerable organisation of fine and supportive men, Peter Shellie learned a lot about himself and other people that helped him in both his personal and professional life, crafting him into the man he is today. “It really opened me up to a broader conversation with people,” he explains, “you realise there are a variety of views and opinions and ways to work, and you gain a greater respect for others.”

Peter comes from a property development background, often working on projects in the $200-350 million range – “the more complex the better!” Peter states. He describes how the younger version of himself would have been “much more linear, direct”, but now “I can work with a vast collection of issues and different stakeholders, and pick up on much more of the nuance that is going on.” He attributes this to the various Masonic ceremonies, particularly to the way Freemasonry allows you to picture and visualise things through ritual, building themes inside your mind. “Visuals help you remember”, Peter explains, “I am much more likely to remember a charge by “picturing the columns, stairs and ceiling, rather than just by the words.”

Currently, Peter is interested in watching the way Freemasonry continues its transition into the 21st century, particularly at his Mother Lodge, Canterbury, which he joined in 2003. “Obviously you have to modernise,” he says, “but you also have to respect the traditions, and make sure we do not leave anyone behind.”