Peter Henshall

Peter Henshall
“I’ve been a member of the Freemasons for the last 37 years and have helped run it for the last seven. It has been a true joy every step of the way.”
“Come in to the Freemasons with an open heart and mind and you will surely be embraced.”

The outgoing CEO, Peter Henshall has run Freemasons Victoria for the past 7 years. Initially joining in 1979, Peter has had many active roles in his time with the Masons, from ceremonial teams to senior Grand positions such as Grand Treasurer, Grand Warden and Grand Secretary. He also belongs to a number of lodges: Fraternal, Amicus, Seavic as well as Chapter and Mark lodges at Sandringham.

Peter originally came from a financial background, beginning as a chartered accountant. He was able to use his fiscal acumen in a number of senior roles in the service and manufacturing industries before applying his vast experience to help manage Freemasons Victoria.

Peter was encouraged to join the Craft by both his father and father-in-law, and also had a number of uncles who were part of the Brotherhood. He has been happily married for 37 years and has two adult children. His son looks set to travel in his father’s footsteps – already a qualified accountant who intends to join the Masons in the near-future.

Peter’s advice for anyone looking to join Freemasonry would be to do thorough research and examine whether it is truly right for you by talking to Masons and also by talking to others about their perceptions of Freemasonry more broadly. He is confident you will come back with glowing reports and a strong desire to be a part of ‘something grander than yourself’!