Peter Fuchs

Peter Fuchs
“Freemasonry is all about charity, loyal friendships and good men that share the same ideas and values.”
"Every Lodge is different but all very enjoyable; being part of Lodges overseas has given me a unique opportunity to meet people from different countries.”

Local community is often the most important thing to many Freemasons, but for some members their sphere extends a little bit further. Peter Fuchs is involved with various Lodges not just in Australia, but also in Malaysia and the Philippines, and enjoys the diversity, but also the similarities, he has discovered in his wide ranging experiences with the craft.

During his two decades as a Freemason Peter has learnt to understand that each individual is different, but that they should all be accepted and respected for who they are. He applies this principle diligently in his everyday life, and it has helped him become an even better person in the community – his ability to approach others and listen carefully to them enhanced by his developed sense of self-confidence gained from what he has been taught as a Freemason.

For potential new members Peter stresses the importance of believing in the same values as the fellowship, to be keen to take part in various activities and social events, and to strive to go to numerous Lodges as one will soon find that each of them is different. In this way someone interested in joining will get an honest feeling of what they really want, what they want to do, and what they want to be a part of.

Peter is very proud to represent Freemasonry all around the world, to have a family everywhere he goes and will always cherish the opportunity to meet people from every corner of the globe.