The Revival Lodge

The Revival Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 23 Ester Street Greensborough VIC
  • Contact: RWBro. Peter Telford, PSGW
  • Phone: 0408 355 015
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 926

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 4th Thursday of the month at 7.30pm every month except December, when it is the 2nd Thursday.
  • Rehearsal – 3rd Thursday
  • Installation – September

About The Lodge

The Revival Lodge was consecrated just seven years ago on 20th September 2003 and meets at the recently upgraded Greensborough District Masonic Centre. Revival is a young Lodge with many young people.

The Revival Lodge grew out of the amalgamation of Lodge Minerva No 820 and The Reservoir Lodge No 765. Minerva was consecrated in 1960 at the Bell Street Masonic Centre and then met at Gillies Street, Fairfield until 1976 when it moved to Greensborough. Reservoir, which had its Consecration at the Heidelberg Temple in 1955, had dreams of building a Northern Masonic centre on Victorian Railways land at Keon Park. This never eventuated and in 1977 the Lodge moved to Greensborough.

The combination of these two Lodges in 2003, along with other Freemasons that joined as foundation members, has been a most rewarding and harmonious arrangement, and brought together a wealth of experienced and well practiced masons – most important features for the survival and longevity of any new Lodge.

The name ‘Revival' was agreed upon because it means – bring back life, existence and renewed activity. The insignia chosen for the new Lodge, was a graphical representation of the “The Phoenix', a mythical bird of great beauty, said to have burnt itself on a funeral pyre and risen afresh from its ashes to live again as a symbol of immortality and spiritual rejuvenation, signifying that there is always an opportunity to begin again. For The Revival Lodge it represents the rebirth of the two former Lodges, into one strong entity.

In its very short history Revival has developed into a vibrant, Fully Accredited Lodge. This was achieved in 2007, in less than four years from its formation, and it was just the fifth Lodge in Victoria to receive this distinction. Today there are still only 15 Fully Accredited Lodges in the Victorian jurisdiction.

Revival now proudly boasts an average age of just 58, at least 10 years younger than the average age of all Victorian Freemasons. During the past year we have added a continuing number of members 30 years or younger, with 11 members 45 and under, the youngest, just 19. The Lodge strongly encourages participation by its younger members in both the Lodge and social activities.

Yearly, well planned, involving and inviting programs are formulated, for both the Lodge and Social activities, along with interaction with other Lodges through visitations. This very strongly projects a good future for Freemasonry in General and the Craft in Melbourne's northern area in particular.

First class ritual work forms an important and integral part of the Lodge's degree work ethos, whilst it regularly involves itself with interesting and different benevolent activities both for the Masonic family and needy outside organisations and people.

Revival's members are not content to simply participate in the activities of The Revival Lodge. Many of its members are and have been actively engaged as Panel Representatives for the Northern District, as well as being involved with the Freemason's Task Force, Good Friday appeals, Red Shield Day appeals, The Special Olympics, Grand Lodge Committees and as Grand Lodge Installation team members.

The Revival Lodge