The King David Lodge

The King David Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 36 Edmonds Road Prahran VIC
  • Contact: WBro. Steve Measey, PM
  • Phone: 0498 737 749
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 460

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30pm (January no meeting).
  • Rehearsal – 2nd Monday
  • Installation – May
  • Supper Charge: Yes

About The Lodge

The King David Lodge has drawn its membership mainly from the Jewish community, however we also have members of other faiths.

Indeed our Foundation Master was not Jewish. The King David Lodge has members from many backgrounds, some professional, some tradesmen, a number a self-employed, and some are small business operators. There has also always been a number of members with family connections to Freemasonry i.e. ‘father-son' relationships.

The King David Lodge currently welcomes more than fifty members, who live in the Bayside or Glen Eira municipalities. Members range in age from their early 20s upward. Members network well ad enjoy each others company.

The Lodge's annual Installation is in May, and in June the ‘Fred Kohn Memorial Lecture' is presented by a prominent Freemason.

The Lodge Social Committee organises a variety of functions, catering for the full spectrum of members and their wives/partners and our members' families. Some of the events that the Social Committee organises are purely social or recreational, while others are held with the intention of raising funds for charity.

Donations are spread across Masonic and non-Masonic charities. In recent years, The King David Lodge has donated funds to the Royal Freemaosns Homes, and the Grand Master's appeals for the relief to people affected by natural disaster in Australia. Other recipients have been the Cleft Palate and Lip Society, Cochlear Implant Society and organisations that have touched the lives of members and their families.

Members of The King David Lodge are very proud to be a fully Accredited Lodge within Victorian Freemasonry and welcome all new members and visitors.

The King David Lodge