Phillip Island Lodge

Phillip Island Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: Cnr Genesta & Church Street Cowes VIC
  • Contact: WBro. Ian Samuel, PGStdB
  • Phone: 0413 157 284
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 512

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:30pm
  • Rehearsal – 1st Wednesday
  • Installation – February 3rd Saturday
  • Supper Charge- Yes

About The Lodge

Phillip Island Lodge was consecrated on Saturday 28 September 1935, at Saint Phillips Hall, which was completed earlier that year.

Much of the credit for the Lodge's establishment must go to the late Archdeacon George Samble. The Rev. Samble was concerned with the administration of the Church of England Boys home at Newhaven, and in this capacity was a frequent visitor to the Island. He must have been keenly interested in the general affairs of the Island, for he was a member of the local shire council. The reason that members originally met on the 3rd Saturday (now the 2nd Wednesday evening) is due to the fact that the Council met on the 4th Monday in those days.

The Rev. Samble became a member of the Kent Lodge #31 in 1919. At the time of consecration of Phillip Island lodge he was VWBro. Archdeacon Samble, Past Grand Chaplin. One of the guiding lights in the construction of the parish hall was the Vicar, the late Rev.William Robertson.

Rev. Robertson was formerly a Freemason, but had ceased to be a member of the Craft before coming to the Island. The available records of the church do not reveal any thought was given to the suitability of the hall as a Lodge Room. However, the fact that the windows are so designed and placed high up in the walls may lead us to assume that the idea
was considered. Early financial statements show the Lodge paid 15 pounds per year in rent.

Maybe we were welcome hirers of the hall when ready cash was in short supply. Long-time members WBro. Tom Beaton and Neil Lacco still fondly remember setting up the Parish Hall for Lodge Meetings. The rehearsal was held on the proceeding evening.

Before this could happen the hall had to be cleaned, the seating arranged, pavement and carpet laid down wooden step placed at the stage which served as the dais, pedestals and pillars put into position and all other details of the lodge furnishing put into position. After the meeting on the Saturday evening all the furniture and fittings had to be returned to an
anteroom before the south could be held.

As well as VWBro Samble, there were 16 other Brethren who signed the petition to Grand Lodge requesting that a Lodge be formed.

All these Brethren have passed on. Our last contact with this group was the late Flora West, who passed away aged 101 in 2004.

Phillip Island Lodge