Peace And Loyalty Lodge

Peace And Loyalty Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 111 Station Street Ferntree Gully VIC
  • Contact: WBro. Russell Hicken, PGStdB
  • Phone: 0448 877 410
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 261

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 4th Tuesday of the month 7.30 pm (December no meeting)
  • Rehearsal – Thursday prior to meeting
  • Installation – June

About The Lodge

Consecrated 22 May 1920, Peace and Loyalty stems from the end of World War I, when the word peace was chosen because the Lodge was formed during a time of peace and the word loyalty from the loyalty that is given to King and Country.

During World War II, many of the members served their country well in the armed forces, with some paying the supreme sacrifice. During that time there were many special meetings held to initiate, pass or raise some of the members who were in the services, as their time was limited. Some were initiated, passed and raised in a minimum of time, the shortest in 1949 being eight weeks, but the longest time taken was by Bro Wally Tew. His initiation to raising took two and a half years.

Another event worth noting was the special meeting held on the 5th of October 1940 to raise Bro D.K. Storrie, a Lewis of this Lodge. He was at the Laverton air base, so it was decided to invite as many Freemasons as possible to attend from the base. A very memorable night was had, as there were 99 visiting Freemasons from the base, from 80 different Masonic Lodges all over Australia and 32 Lodge members present. How so many managed to travel to the Belgrave Temple and back home again in time for muster is rather a puzzle. Sadly Don K Storrie was reported MIA on the 7 May 1945.

Six of the best known members of Peace and Loyalty were:

Bro. Alfred Elliot Chandler MLC who was one of the first three initiates and whom the Chandler Highway is named after;

Bro. Sir Lawrence Chandler OMG, KBE, MLC who was founder and president of the Angliss Hospital for 35 years. He was also one of the first three candidates to be initiated into the Lodge;

Bro. Sir Hubert Ferdinand Opperman MHR, OBE, KBE was an Australian and World Champion cyclist and politician;

Bro. Brigadier Sir George Knox KBE, CMG, ED, MLA whom the Shire of Knox, later to be known as the City of Knox was named after;

Bro. William Archibald MLA was Minister of Lands, Soldier Settlement, Health and Deputy Premier;

RWBro. Wall Tew, PSGW, OBE, JP who was the last Shire President, first Mayor of Knox (position held four times). Wally was involved in the procurement of the Knox Historical Society building, Ambleside Homestead, the inception of the Knox War Memorial and the establishment of Amaroo Hostel;

Peace and Loyalty is an active Lodge socially. It runs an annual cricket match against Brae Dale Lodge for the District charity in November, a Christmas spit roast lunch in November, a ‘Ladies in the South' in January, an open day once a year where the Lodge doors are open and a talk is given to all who are interested, and a Lodge social function every month.

Peace and Loyalty supports the District charity Interchange Outer East and the Lodge charity McGrath Foundation.

Members believe their greatest strength is their ceremonial work, in which they take a great lot of pride. They enjoy and encourage the attendance of Brethren's family, friends and members of the community.

Peace And Loyalty Lodge