Mount Franklin-St. George Lodge

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Mount Franklin-St. George Lodge

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Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 16 Vincent Street Daylesford VIC
  • Contact: WBro. John Burford, PM
  • Phone: 0400 606 561
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 12

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (Dec., 2nd Tues. Christmas dinner meeting)
  • Rehearsal – 3rd Tuesday
  • Installation – April

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About The Lodge

Mt Franklin-St George Lodge was founded on 10 September 1857 as Mt Franklin Lodge of Hiram and Lodge of St. George on 29 April 1889.

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Meetings were held from April 1857 to establish the Mt Franklin Lodge of Hiram, the Lodge was numbered 1018EC. Subsequently a petition was sent to the Provincial Grand Master. The members conducted their meetings at the Freemasons Hotel which is now the Royal Hotel until the Masonic Hall was built in Bridport Street Daylesford.

The inauguration of Mt Franklin Lodge of Hiram took place at the Masonic Hall Daylesford on 10 September 1857. Interestingly enough Lodge meetings where held on the first Thursday on or before a full moon in every month. Holding meetings on the full moon was a common practice, because navigating the streets and tracks of a diggings township, dark at night, could and did lead to deaths and injury due to the hazard of numerous and often abandoned mine shafts into which people accidently fell. As time passed the holes were filled in and street lighting appeared, but the custom of meeting on these nights remained until 1937.

Due to the prosperity of Daylesford due to the gold rush, a meeting was held in 1886 in the Mayor's Room at the town hall to consider forming a second Masonic Lodge, the Lodge of St George. On 29 April 1887 the Lodge was constituted and consecrated by WBro. Taafe. The Lodge was numbered 2213EC until 1889 when the Lodge was then numbered 123 VC and then 119 VC until amalgamation. Meetings where held at the Council Chambers at a cost of £1 and continued there until the present Lodge was built in Vincent Street.

Mt Franklin Lodge of Hiram No.12 VC and Daylesford Lodge of St. George No. 112 VC amalgamated in 1943. The first joint meeting of both lodges was on 11 November 1919, the first anniversary of Armistice Day.

The Lodge makes regular donations of scholarships to the local high school as well as all the primary schools within the area. Donations are also given in support of the Grand Master's Appeals and many other worthy causes. Donations have been given to the CFA for the purchase of radio equipment. Xmas hampers are also distributed to those people who are in need. During the winter months Lodge members also distribute firewood to the elderly who are in need.

Provisional accreditation was granted on 16 December 2012.

The Lodge also has an active social committee and some events include a night at the trots in Ballarat, The Lodge Xmas dinner is a regular event and ladies and Lodge widows are also invited to attend as well as other guests. There are various other events such as ladies nights, open nights/days promoting Freemasonry and visiting other lodges for special events or simply to visit and meet with other lodge members.

The significance of the name of the Lodge is ‘George Henry Jamieson', Senior Warden who was one of the founding members and was a member of the Lodge of Hiram in Buffalo USA. Perhaps simply a coincidence? Also the significance of Hiram Abiff in the rituals would have a significant bearing on the name. Mt Franklin is of course the crater of an extinct volcano which is approximately 10 kms from Daylesford which stands at 627 metres and is a local landmark.

With regards to St George Lodge's name, many lodges throughout the world adopted the name St George. However, the reason for choosing this name is not known.

With an amalgamation the lowest lodge number is maintained.

In 2007 the lodge celebrated 150 years of Freemasonry in Daylesford.

The Lodge is currently undergoing refurbishment on a continual basis. Recently the Lodge instigated upgrades and repairs in order to meet safety standards.

The foundation stone of the current lodge was laid by Most Worshipful Brother F.T. Hickford Grand Master on 6 April 1920. MWBro. Hickford was a prominent and well respected Freemason and for many years was President of the Royal Society of St George.

We consider everyone who is or was a member of Mt Franklin & St George Lodges to be of worthy note.

New members are made to feel most welcome. Mentoring, support and assistance is always given to members, both old and new. Mt Franklin St George Lodge is well known for its hospitality. The Lodge as well as its members are well respected in the district for the services and donations they give to the community. Members take pride in the work that they do. Members of the Lodge also aim to promote personal growth and development so that they can better serve the community and take up opportunities that may be presented in life.

The gold rush provided a substantial increase in population of Daylesford and surrounding areas and this provided the need to establish a second lodge, the St George Lodge.

During World War 1 ten lodge members saw active service. Whilst in World War 2 twenty-five lodge members saw active service. All members returned home safely.

The Lodge of Hiram initially met at the Freemasons Hotel which is now the Royal Hotel in Daylesford, then the Masonic Hall in Bridport Street Daylesford until in 1920 when the new Lodge was built in 1920. The Lodge continues to meet at the Vincent Street site. The St. George Lodge initially met in the Council Chambers until the new Masonic Hall was built in Vincent Street and eventually amalgamated with the Lodge of Hiram in 1943 to become the Mt Franklin St George Lodge No. 12 VC.

The average age of members in the Lodge would be between 56-65 but we are looking for younger members who are willing to become active Freemasons and to share the experience of belonging to a fraternal organisation.

The members of the Lodge hold a wide range of professions that include members who are teachers, farmers, tradesmen, businessmen and retired members of the community.

The Lodge is near the centre of Daylesford which has become one of the more popular tourist locations for many Victorians as well as interstate and overseas visitors. On a typical weekend the population of Daylesford doubles. Just 90 minutes from Melbourne, Daylesford boasts the highest concentration of mineral springs in the country as well as being renowned for its surrounding landscape.

The Lodge celebrates a history of being one of the oldest Lodges in Victoria and has always placed pride in itself for the support it provides not only to its members but also the community as a whole.

Besides providing financial support, the Lodge also supports many community groups as well as providing a central meeting place in its hall for some of these organisations.

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