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Middle Park Lodge

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Meeting Times

  • 4th Tuesday at 7:15pm (Dec. no meeting)
  • Rehearsal – 2nd Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday
  • Inst. Prahan July at 6.30 pm
  • Supper Charge: Yes

About The Lodge

A meeting of Brethren held in the Middle Park Bowling Pavilion, on the 12th March 1908, resolved That a Freemasons Lodge be held in Middle Park, the minimum number to be 25 members.

The name of the Lodge to be The Middle Park Lodge the Lodge to meet in the Middle Park Hall on the 4th Friday in the month.

On the 27th March, 1908, it was decided, subject to the Charter being granted, to rent the New Hall, In Armstrong Street, Middle Park, with use of supper room, small rehearsal room, piano, organ, etc., at 20/- per month. The Foundation Officers were then elected by ballot, and a petition forwarded to The Lodge of South Melbourne seeking their recommendation to the Most Worshipful Grand Master for granting of the Warrant. The Warrant was granted on the 8th May, 1908. On the first working night of the new Lodge, Friday 28'h August, 1908, eleven candidates were balloted.

Tuesday, 18th December, 1917, saw the place of meeting change to the Freemasons' Hall, corner of Ferrars and Dorcas Streets, South Melbourne.

In 1926, in conjunction with Yarra Yarra Lodge. The Lodge of South Melbourne, The Albert Park Lodge, and Lodge Veritas, the building to be known as South Suburban Freemasons' Hall was purchased and altered to suit the Lodges' requirements. The building was managed by a Board of trustees consisting of three representatives from each of the five owner Lodges, elected by their respective members The first meeting in the hall was held on the 25th January, 1927.

The financial depression of the early thirties, with its inevitable loss of members, placed a heavy burden on the Lodge, and the fact that Middle Park Lodge was able to weather this difficult period speaks volumes for the good management of its early officers.

The advent of peace following the 1939 – 45 war, the Lodge continued to grow in strength and in the late 1950s an average membership of 180 was maintained, 593 Freemasons were initiated in the Lodge in the first 100 years.

Due to the sale of the South Suburban Freemasons' Hall in 1976 the place of meeting changed to the Masonic Centre, 300 Albert Street, East Melbourne from 22nd February 1977.

Over many years a social committee has been responsible for regular social events, e.g. dinner dances, picnics, theatre nights and a Christmas party was always held for children of the Lodge for many years.

In closing the passing of the first one hundred years in the history of The Middle Park Lodge 206, we can but humbly express our gratitude to the G.A.O.T.U. for the splendid heritage left by the founders of the Lodge, and proudly accept the responsibility of ensuring that it is transmitted to its successors in undiminished splendor.

Middle Park Lodge