Maroondah Daylight Lodge

Maroondah Daylight Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 24 Warrandyte Road Ringwood VIC
  • Contact: VWBro. Les Johns PGIWkgs
  • Phone: 0409 352 352
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 607

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 2nd Monday of the month at 10:00am (No meeting January)
  • Rehearsal – 1st Monday
  • Installation – April

About The Lodge

The lodge was sponsored by the Lodge of Croydon No. 607. The Lodge of Croydon had proposed reforming as a daylight lodge but the proposal was initially rejected by the Grand Lodge on the basis that the new lodge must have a completely new name.

However, later the brethren concurred, that the Lodge of Croydon Charter be returned for suitable placement in the assembly room of the Maroondah Masonic Centre as a perpetual memorial to the lodge's proud contribution to Freemasonry over nearly half a century and to the Maroondah area in particular. At the regular monthly meeting on Monday 10 October 1993 it was agreed that the Lodge of Croydon would sponsor the proposed Maroondah Daylight Lodge no. 607, to meet at the Maroondah Masonic Centre. Grand Lodge issued a Charter for the new Lodge on 12 March 1994, the same date on which the Lodge of Croydon's warrant was cancelled. Hence a proud chapter in local Freemasonry drew quietly to a close.

Of the existing membership, 21 brethren elected to join the daylight lodge. On Saturday 12 March 1994, the Lodge of Croydon, as sponsor lodge, held its final meeting and admitted visitors and Grand Lodge members, who consecrated the Maroondah Daylight Lodge no. 607. The lodge was successful and attracted members almost from the start. Part of the appeal was the decision to involve the brethren's ladies on lodge days. Over the years the ladies have held their own meetings and have joined the men in the South. The lodge has enjoyed a well planned and active social program from the start.

The main social event each year is the annual Ladies Lunch which is held in March between the Master's Last Day and the Installation.

Maroondah Daylight Lodge