Lodge Of Unity

Lodge Of Unity

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: Hawthorn Lane Bright VIC
  • Contact: WBro. Nick Aloizos, PGStdB
  • Phone: 03 5755 1052
  • Email: ngaloizos@outlook.com
  • Lodge Number: 54

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm
  • Rehearsal – 2nd Tuesday of the Month
  • Installation – 3rd Saturday September
  • Tyle time 7.30 pm

About The Lodge

The Lodge of Unity was first created on Wednesday 20 November 1867. At that time it was registered as Lodge of Unity, No. 1202 in the English Constitution.

Prior to that date there was a lot of behind the scenes work being carried out between Bright, Beechworth and the Grand Lodge of England, London.

The minutes of the meeting held at the Empire Hotel, Bright on Friday 14 June 1867 outline the activities thus;

A meeting of masons desirous of a Lodge of Freemasons being formed in Bright held at the Empiure Hotel, those present were:
Messrs; Cathcart, Gander, Gitchell, Hunter, Jones, Laing, Martin, Murray, Wills, Wilkinson, Supply and Winter. It was proposed and carried:- “That the Lodge of Unity, Bright be opened on the 20th installation. That Messrs, Gitchell, Hunter, Martoin, Marray and Murton be a committee to view the room proposed for the Lodge meetings and to ascertain its fitness for purpose.

– That a general committee of Messrs, Cathcart, Hunter, Gitchell and Murray be apointed to fit the room with furniture suitable for the purposes of the Lodge and make the necessary arrangements for the opening of the Lodge.

– That the fees for Initiation, Passing and Raising for the nominated on the firtst day be 5pounds/5s/0d but afterwards 10pounds/10s/0d”. Confirmed 20 June 1867. J.T Ambrose, Past Master. The Lodge of beechworth St John, No. 728. E.C.

There can be no doubt that the Committee was very active in their endeavours as it was only six days later that the Lodge came into being, but it is evident that negotiations with the Beechworth Lodge of St. John had been proceeding for a sufficiently long time for certain Past Masters who were members of that Lodge to sponsor the formation of a lodge at Bright.

There is no record of the Lodge ever being consecrated at that time, but there is no doubt that there were enough regularly made Masons present to constitute a Lodge. Neither is there any information to be found as to why the name Unity was chosen.

It is interesting to read the early entries in the records of the diverse Mother Lodges of the members and visitors. most had originated from the English constitution lodges, but there is representation from the Irish, Scottish and several American jurisdictions, as well as from continental Europe.

The name unity appears to have been well chosen.

Since those early days the Lodge has had many members and visitors pass through its doors, but the warmth of welcome is still the same as it would have been one hundred and forty six years ago. Instead of Gold Miners we now have many tourists attending meetings. The number of members has risen and fallen over the years, but the determination to assist the local community is still strong… Over 145 years and Unity in our community continues.

Lodge Of Unity