Lodge Amalthea

Lodge Amalthea

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 36 St. Edmonds Road Prahran VIC
  • Contact: VWBro. Kent Henderson, PGIWkgs
  • Phone: 0407 039 887
  • Email: kennethn@optusnet.com.au
  • Lodge Number: 914

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:15pm (January no meeting)
  • Rehearsal – 3rd Monday
  • Installation – 2nd Saturday in February

About The Lodge

Lodge Amalthea No 914, was consecrated at Sandringham (in south suburban Melbourne) in April 1995 – although it moved to the Masonic Centre of Victoria in East a few years later. It is the daughter lodge of Lodge Epicurean 906, at Geelong (founded in February 1993). These two lodges are very similar in both style and substance – they are both what came to be called European Concept Lodges.

While there were others, the two main ‘drivers' of Lodge Epicurean, and later Lodge Amalthea, were (now) RWBro. Dr. Geoff Harrison, Part Junior Grand Warden and (now) VWBro. Kent Henderson, Past Grand Inspector of Workings. Brother Harrison was Foundation Master of both lodges, and Brother Henderson was foundation Secretary. He remains the Secretary of Lodge Epicurean to the present time, although Lodge Amalthea now has another Secretary, appointed last year.

In lamenting the low standards of many lodges at the time, and when looking to form these new Lodges, Brothers Harrison and Henderson (who had considerable experience of Freemasonry oversees), decided to look at what was successful in other countries – particularly in Europe – and meld these practices locally.

European Concept Lodges have ‘Three Great Pillars”, namely quality ceremonial, quality dining, and quality Masonic Education. The first is self evident. In terms of quality dining, a banquet is held after each meeting at selected local restaurants. For a number of years the Lodge Amalthea Installation Dinner each year has been held in the Grand Dining Room of the Melbourne Club, and at the July 2011 meeting its dinner will be held at the Athenaeum Club.

In terms of Masonic Education, new members are required to undergo an extensive Masonic Education Course – which over the years has been much appreciated by its students.

A full explanation of European Concept Lodges can be found in the paper “Back to the Future – A prescription for Masonic Renewal”.

Over the years, Lodge Amalthea has evolved. Up until two years ago member's Annual Lodge Fees also contained the cost of the years' dinners. However, this requirement was removed in 2009 and members and visitors pay the $75 dining fee on each dinner attendance.

While retaining its ‘Three Great Pillars', as of 2011 – given the enthusiasm of a number of younger members – Lodge Amalthea has consciously moved away from regularly performing Degree Ceremonial into a more innovative mode of Masonic Education at lodge meetings, as well as implementing a wide variety of dining and meeting experiences.

For the last ten years Lodge Amalthea has been very proud to have as its patron Worshipful Brother the Right Honorable Malcolm Kenneth Murray, 12th Earl of Dunmore, Viscount of Fincastle, Lord Murray of Blair, Moulin and Tillimet, and Knight of the Order of St. John. Last year Lord Dunmore graciously assented to become the Master of the Lodge, and at its February 2011 Installation he was installed as such for a twelve month term. Read a brief biography of Lord Dunmore.

The future of Lodge Amalthea looks very bright indeed, with many enthusiastic and committed members, many of whom are young in both age and length of Masonic membership, driving innovations. Clearly, exciting times are ahead!

Lodge Amalthea