Kyneton Lodge

Kyneton Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 7 Yaldwyn Street Kyneton VIC
  • Contact: RWBro. RWBro. BL. (Brian) Davenport, PJGW
  • Phone: 5422 1183
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 192

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 1st Monday of the month at 7:30pm (no meeting January)
  • Rehearsal – 4th Tuesday
  • Installation – October

About The Lodge

The Kyneton Masonic Centre was the site for the Lodge's first meeting, held on 23rd May 1904.

The interior of the Kyneton lodge remains as it was when it was built in 1898-1900 except for the extension of the diais built in 1968-69, and the entrance doors into the lodge room. The furnishings of the Electronic Pipe Organ, the Pedestals, Chairs, Balustrades, Ramp, and Honour Boards, and Grand Lodge Certificate Painting were made by members of the lodge. There is a rich sense of history and tradition, nurtured by the dedication and passion of its members.

Social awareness and a focus on the welfare of the broader community is essential to the ethos of the Kyneton Masonic Lodge. Members have supported many charities and projects over the years including:

  • Raising funds for “Camp Quality”, Providing Smoke Alarms for the elderly, 1997. Providing four Bursary awards to students in Grade Six before entering Secondary Education; a project that is now in it's 13th Year.
  • Providing funds for other organisations such as; 430 Air Cadet Squadron Macedon Ranges, Kyneton Municipal Band.
  • Trenthan “Cool Harmony Choir”
  • Youth Singers of Macedon (8 year olds to 15 year olds)
  • Men's Health in Kyneton.
  • Financial Assistance for a Handicapped student to go to Dream World in Queensland, Financial assistance for children to attend the Lord Mayors' Camp at Sommers.
  • Supporting the Local Kindergarten, and Child care facilities.
  • Supporting a student to go to South Africa to assist in an education development.
  • At this time September 2012, raising funds to provide 3 overhead hoists in the new building of the R. M Begg Hostel in Kyneton Total to raise, is $18.000.
  • About to set-up a CD program to provide the lodge newsletter to our visually impaired Lodge members, and if successful, will extend the program further.

The strength of the Kyneton Masonic Lodge is that it has stood firm in its resolve to continue on its own, despite pressure to move into amalgamation. It is proud of the achievement it has made over many years in its rebuilding program, and the care towards community needs both large and small. Members choosing to join the lodge are aware of the Lodge's care and concern for people of all nations, and the commitment towards supporting the causes and needs of the community, together with the fellowship and companionship that comes once they have joined.

The Lodge bears a pride and commitment to commemorating the work of members both past and present. Past members have been immersed in many professions and have augmented the sense of diversity and dedication inherent to the Lodge's philosophy:

  • Bro. Tom Levick, (Artist)
  • Bro. Harold Fyanns, (a vet who served in the Boer War, the First World War, and the Second World War)
  • Bro. Maurice Gentry, (a member of the British Intellengece Service then with the Australian Intelligent Service, and later with Nasa (America) following and guiding the Neil Armstrongs flight to and onto the moon. Maurice's wife, Eileen was also a member of the British Intelligent Service.
  • Henry Armstrong (Founder of the “The Kyneton Masonic Lodge “) author of Books on Law in Mining, still used today.

The lodge for many years had a strong social committee with events, such as Car Trials, Ladies Nights, Theatre nights, Nights at the Trots and Greyhound racing, musical nights and dinners.

Over the years, the Lodge conducted 22 Debutante Balls for young Girls and their partners, also 3 senior Debutante Balls for mature ladies who had not had the privilege of making their debut.

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