Footscray St. John’s Lodge

Footscray St. John’s Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 121 Callaway Blvd Sunshine West VIC
  • Contact: WBro. Bruce Rosan, PGStdB
  • Phone: 0408 104 863
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 71

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 3rd Tuesday of each Month at 7:30pm (Jan no meeting)
  • Rehearsal – 2nd Tuesday
  • Installation – March

About The Lodge

Lodge workings began 26 March 1878, under a dispensation from the Provincial Grand Master under the Scottish Constitution in Victoria with a Provincial Warrant being issued.

1 May 1879, received Warrant from Scotland to operate as Footscray Street, St Johns Lodge, No. 641 SC.

20 March 1889, Footscray St John's Lodge No. 641 SC joined the UGLV and received a new number to operate as Footscray St John's Lodge, No. 71.

Footscray St. John’s Lodge