Brighton District Lodge

Brighton District Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: 15 Church Street Brighton VIC
  • Contact: WBro. Greg Crew, PM
  • Phone: 0413 711 799
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 37
  • Website:

Meeting Times

  • Meeting: 7:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, except January.
  • Rehearsal: 1st Tuseday of each month
  • Installation : February

About The Lodge

At a preliminary meeting on the 7 November 1861 at Dale's British American Hotel, on a hot summer's night in Woodend, it was decided to form a Masonic Lodge. It was named the Lowry Lodge in honour of VWBro. Henry Wallace Lowry, PSGW.

It remained named The Lowry Lodge for many years, but moved its meeting location from Woodend after 25 June 1863 to Brighton and met at the Devonshire Hotel on New Street.

In July 1895 the Brighton Lodge No. 120 and the Lowry Lodge No. 37 amalgamated to form the Brighton Lowry Lodge No. 37. With the increase in Freemasonry, particularly following World War I, Brighton Lowry Lodge sponsored Sandringham Lodge No. 220 in 1912, Gardenvale Lodge No. 243 in 1918 and Brighton Grammarians Lodge No. 433 in 1927.

After World War II, another burst of activity saw Brighton Lowry sponsor Wallingford No. 651 in 1948 and Hearts of Oak No. 681 in 1950.

In the latter years of the last century a number of Lodges amalgamated. Wallingford and Lowry became Wallingford Lowry No. 37 in 1982. Fervour and Zeal came together in 1985, then in 1998 combined with Wallingford Lowry under the name Brighton District No. 37.

As it approaches its 150 years, Brighton District Lodge is proud of its long history, quality and consistency of its Masonic work, the friendliness and camaraderie of its South and the opportunities for members and non members alike to enjoy the genuine friendship, hospitality and brotherhood of Freemasonry.

In November Lodge members invite the Ladies to join them for dinner and a social evening. The Lodge hosts a number of social activities each year. For the latest information visit

Brighton District Lodge