Blackburn United Lodge

Blackburn United Lodge

Contact The Lodge

  • Address: AMEV House 1013 Whitehorse rd Box Hill VIC
  • Contact: Bro. Chas Sturrock, PM
  • Phone: 0427 562 067
  • Email:
  • Lodge Number: 915

Meeting Times

  • Meeting – 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30pm (No meeting in January)
  • Rehearsal – 1st Wednesday
  • Installation – July

About The Lodge

Blackburn United Lodge was established in 1995 through a number of Lodge amalgamations. The history of these amalgamations commences with Mont Albert Lodge No. 343 which was established in 1924 and returned its warrant in 1996.

During this time, Mont Albert Lodge established what is known as a ‘daughter' Lodge, Blackburn Lodge No. 420, in 1926. Blackburn Lodge handed in its warrant in 1995.

During Blackburn Lodge's time it established a daughter Lodge, Mitcham Lodge No. 472, which returned its warrant in 1993.

During Mitcham Lodge's time, it established a daughter Lodge, Vermont Lodge No. 696 in 1950. Vermont Lodge returned its warrant in 2009.

The amalgamation of Mont Albert Lodge and Blackburn Lodge, created the Whitehorse Lodge No. 915. The Whitehorse Lodge amalgamated with Lodge of Attainment No. 781 to became Whitehorse Lodge of Attainment No. 915.

The Lodge then changed its name to Blackburn United to create a unique identity for the many Lodges that had amalgamated over the years.

The Blackburn Masonic Centre was built by the members of Blackburn Lodge and opened in 1928, and during its time served as a Community resource used for Child Care, picture shows, schooling and social activities.

Now situated in a prestige residential area, the Centre was sold in 2014 and the funds put towards the new Inner Eastern Masonic Centre, Box Hill.

Blackburn United Lodge