Nicholas Nerantzoulis

Nicholas Nerantzoulis
“You can develop really good friendships, and with that comes a deep and enduring support structure”
"We enjoy aligning ourselves with good brands. Kids wear Nike because some sports player or champion wears it, and I think a lot of people associate with the Freemasons because it’s brand is all about improving ones-self and doing good things.”

Originally from South Africa, Nicholas understands the value of making connections with others and adapting to new environments. A member since joining in his home country at the Pythagoras lodge, Nicholas was considering leaving the Craft in order to embrace his new life in Australia but changed his mind when he saw how the organisation was run and soon found himself a cherished brother at the Baden Powell lodge.

In his personal life, Nicholas has forged a fine career for himself as an accountant, and enjoys many and varied hobbies such as running, playing guitar, drawing and being an active member of The Scouts as a venturer leader. He also loves a good meal, but makes sure to balance delicious flavours with responsible eating.

Another of his passions is meeting and conversing with different people, and it was the social aspect of Freemasons that first drew him to the society, but Nicholas soon found there was so much more to discover. “I enjoy the rituals and especially memorizing them”, he explains, “this is my brain gym, I learn different things all the time about; behaviour, relationships and life lessons. As a result of this I perform even more introspection and self-analysis.”

He remains proud of all the charitable works that Freemasons Victoria is involved in, and the opportunity it allows for someone to improve themselves. “It will enhance your ethics and values,” he says, “and for me, being a Freemason is simply a great adventure.”