Nicholas Leray-Meyer

Nicholas Leray-Meyer
“If you care about your society, feel the need for fraternity with other men with a balanced approach to life, then Freemasonry has something for you.”
“Freemasonry has helped me in relating to other people from all walks of life and inculcated as well as reinforced a set of values that enables me to be a better member of our community, and encourage others to attempt to do the same.”

Nicholas Leray-Meyer’s Masonic journey began when he was initiated into his father’s Lodge at Woodville, and since then has joined a further two Lodges: Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Brunswick United. An incredibly accomplished man, Nicholas is also a proud Member of the Order of Australia; one of the highest honours an Australian can receive.

For Nicholas, Freemasonry is summed up perfectly by the words of Grand Master Don Reynolds: “It is about good men supporting each other, their families and the community.” Nicholas carries these words with him, and ardently believes that Freemasons Victoria is an organisation of men who encourage each other to not only improve themselves, but also to assist others where they can. From this they are able to derive a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment in their daily endeavours.

Nicholas feels great pride in being part of a worldwide organisation of men with laudable values who combine their forces to achieve their goals; not just to support other Masons but the rest of society as well. More than anything else it is this respect for other people – be they old, young, rich, poor, from countries far flung or close at hand – that epitomises what Freemasonry means to Nicholas.