Mya G. Grayly

Mya G. Grayly
“Being an Amicus Member and knowing many women that worked so hard on the Social Committee really gives me a sense of pride in what they accomplished.”
“I am proud to be associated with the Freemasons as they are consistently promoting worthwhile causes.”

Mya G. Grayly, partner of Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria Don Reynolds, is one of the many vital and hardworking women supporting the goals and initiatives of the organisation. She contributes a significant amount of time and energy to the cause, attending many official ceremonies, events and functions in her role as the First Lady. This also requires extensive travel as the Grand Ceremonial Team attends installations in regional Victoria, interstate and overseas.

Having worked in advertising and promotions, Mya likes to inject some glamour, energy and a fresh young approach to help attract younger members to Freemasonry. She understands that in today’s world, social media is a big part of connecting and engaging with people, and thus she promotes her positive experience in the world of Freemasonry by inviting them along on her journey.

Mya is attracted to the social aspect that Freemasonry encourages. It has provided her with the opportunity to meet and mix with new people that she can share her many wonderful Masonic experiences with. When Mya isn’t running her own business in the health and fitness industry, she is planning Grand Lodge Installation events, team weekends away and heading-up Ladies events and Quarterly Dinners.

Mya understands the important role she and other women play in the Masonic community. In fact, many of the Freemasonry-supported charitable events have raised incredible amounts of money due to women’s unwavering support. Earlier this year, she attended the Amicus Carnival Ball where the lodge raised in excess of $50,000, which was also matched by the Freemasons Foundation. A cheque for $100,000 was presented to Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre from Freemasons Victoria, a moment Mya describes as one of the proudest in her life.