Michael Maher

Michael Maher
“One of the joys of Freemasonry is that everyone is equal. Your wealth or rank outside the Craft has no bearing on your status within the Craft. This has taught me a great deal of humility and patience.”
"I am a cog in something very big and very old that helps people, both members and non-members alike, every single day. It is incredibly humbling, and at the same time it makes me so proud.”

Michael Maher has lead a full and incredibly interesting life: from a gap year in Japan which lead to working with Japanese entrepreneurs, to briefly serving in the French Foreign Legion, to studying at the Royal Military College – Duntroon, to advising international companies, to owning a hotel in Japan, to working with Centrelink helping retrenched workers access training and employment, to his current position where he provides workforce management services for aged and disability service providers, and to top it all off, he’s also a proud and passionate member of Freemasons Victoria.

Initially drawn to freemasonry due to the fact his grandfather was a member, he joined in 2005 and is currently associated with the Seavic Lodge as well as the Victorian Naval and Military Family of Lodges. He has since found that many of the beliefs and morals taught by the Craft align with his own, particularly those that deal with supporting others in need. “I have met brethren having marriage issues who have needed support,” he explains, “I have met brethren suffering from depression. And I have met brethren who simply benefit from having structure in their lives.” He also believes in the ability of the organisation to help people develop their own skills and grow: “I have gained valuable skills in time-management, public speaking, and working with and within committees.” Michael states, “and I have also benefited from having a group of experienced men around me with such diverse life experiences that I can turn to for a conversation or for advice in a wide array of situations.”

Michael recommends that interested parties should definitely consider joining Freemasons Victoria, but adds a quick stipulation: “be pure in your aims – if your aim is solely to garner business opportunities you will probably be disappointed, though you will definitely acquire a great deal of benefit in the form of education, knowledge, experience and friendship.”