Michael Dib

Michael Dib
“As a Freemason, I feel a sense of belonging, surrounded by good men and that makes me proud.”
“When I tell people that I am a Freemason, I am looked upon to be trustworthy, loyal and someone that has respect for their peers.”

Michael Dib was first introduced to Freemasonry through his uncles and it was due to their positive influence, as well as his own natural curiosity surrounding the the organisation, that he eventually became a member himself. Now a part of the Lodge of St Mark, Michael feels that Freemasons Victoria has made him a better man. “It is not often you will see so many people from such different backgrounds,” Michael says, “different races, different ages, but all together in harmony under the one roof.” The Craft has also taught Michael to look at his own life differently: “I have gained higher morals, and have become a better version of myself,” he explains.

Since becoming a member Michael has thrown himself wholeheartedly into the organisation, and has visited over 40 Lodges and made many lifelong friends, people Michael considers he can trust and who would never turn their backs on someone in their time of need. It is these sort of values that makes Freemasonry such an esteemed society, according to Michael. “I’ve learned that money and fortune is not important,” Michael says, “that there are much stronger values that can bring true meaning to your life.”

For prospective members Michael suggests to indulge in the experience when you join. “Don’t expect Freemasonry to change you,” he advises, “you have to help yourself, and if you do you will reap the rewards.” Michael thinks there is nothing better a new member can do than respect the organisation and really get involved as much as they can with their Lodge. He offers some final words of wisdom: “Love every moment.”