Messages from the Grand Master

MWBro. Keith Murray

25 October 2019 

Brethren all,

For the second year running Freemasons Victoria hosted an Annual Business Meeting. This took place on 12 October at Freemasons Bayside, with a much-increased attendance both at Bayside and also some through Zoom conferencing.

I firmly believe that all our members should have a common understanding of the information that informs the Board of General Purposes in addressing both the challenges and opportunities that present themselves, as we strive to strengthen and improve our fraternity.

This Meeting is part of a new path of bringing clear information to the fore and also affording a great opportunity for Brethren to ask questions and offer suggestions. I commend all those who attended, but also those that put in the hard yards to ensure it was a success.

The Annual Report is now available online and can be found here: Download Annual Report 2018-19

It is also the case that our Volunteer Action Teams are working on a number of initiatives to help our Lodges and give them a far greater ability to make decisions that meet the needs of their Brethren.

The reform of our Constitution has become a priority as we strive to make it more suited for our current membership. To ensure the complexities of good governance are met whilst holding our traditions and essence of what it means to be a Freemason, it is important to have an easy-flowing and readily understood document. A ‘white paper’, compiled by the Grand Registrar, with some preliminary suggestions that could be addressed, as part of this reform, are worthy of deliberation e.g. a new dispute resolution process and possibly changing the selection of a future Deputy Grand Master; being just two ideas.

As we move forward on this far reaching reform, the important part every Freemason can play in framing the future content and form of our operating rules is a very important one. I encourage everyone to read these documents carefully and with an open mind, and be willing to put forward what they would like to see included or varied.

The ‘white paper’ and draft of the re-ordered Constitution can be found here: Download ‘white paper'

The Draft Re-Ordered Constitution can be found here: Download draft

The Table of Reordered Rules can be found here: Download Reordered Rules

Freemasonry’s greatest treasure is our ritual and its importance to our Brethren cannot be overstated. We all know that part of a great night at Lodge relies upon excellent work in the Lodge room. So it is a focus of the Grand Inspector of Workings’ Ritual and Ceremonial VAT to give our Lodges the help they need, through a newly formed training team and also to give greater clarity on how we can do better in our Lodge work.

A simple guide from Ritual and Ceremonial VAT can be found here:

In the coming weeks you will receive advice on the various member workshops which will take place across the state. These workshops are to encourage a two-way conversation between the members and Board representatives on specific topics, whether it be finance, membership or constitutional reform. It is my hope that as many Brethren get involved and help our organisation.

Our future is much brighter than it has ever been and some of our achievements deserve to be celebrated. However, hard work and unity of purpose is the order of the day.

I encourage everyone to consider what each one of us can do to make the membership experience better, our Lodge meetings better, our public profile and reputation better and most importantly how we can better demonstrate Brotherly love to our Brethren and the people around us.


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master


Someone once said that Freemasonry was not a secret society, rather it was a society with secrets. However, as we have all shared the same experience of taking the same obligations in respect to what might generally be considered to be the secrets of Freemasonry, my personal view is therefore that there should be very little information we cannot share within our membership.

With this in mind and from the various questions put to me and others on the Board I decided to do something different at our last Quarterly Communication and at least start to put questions in an open meeting and get answers to those questions. Yes it was a bit stage managed, primarily because of limited time, but from the various comments I received since, generally it has helped broaden the general level of understanding on a number of topics. More than that, many now perhaps have a belief that they can pose legitimate questions and get an answer. Now isn’t that refreshing!?

So whilst I cannot guarantee every question will be answered, as it may breach a commercial or individual confidence, I would hope we can now look to our Member Forums and Quarterly Communications as being more about listening and responding to what the wider membership believes they should know about in regard to important issues. For if we are to tackle our challenges and seize the opportunities which are presenting themselves to our Craft in 2019, we need, in my opinion, to have a common understanding. Not only of the issue, but also where we individually might have a role to play.

My current thinking is that at the next Quarterly we will have another question and answer session, but preferably the questions will be posed by the individual Brother that raised the question, where practicable. All that is asked is that the individual identifies themselves and provides his question that he would like answered, but it must also be constructive about the future, rather than dwelling on past history. Also, if you would be able to attend Freemasons Bayside to put the question personally, please indicate that too.

Therefore, to assist in planning for next Quarterly, I would appreciate if anyone has a question to please contact the Office of the Grand Secretary at or call the office on 9411 0111. Please note that questions must be submitted by 5 June to allow for sufficient time to collate the questions and allocate appropriate time during the Quarterly Communication. 

We will then be able to collate the questions, even for those that might not be included in the Quarterly, and we will answer and publish them too.


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

Dear Brethren,

We are blessed with many Brethren who do tremendous work in supporting the aims of Freemasonry and we are all beneficiaries of their dedication and hard work in their communities.

At September’s Quarterly Communication, I confirmed that a review of Grand Rank would take place. This is timely as it is some eight years since this was last considered and many Brethren have approached me suggesting that the current system is not equitable. My hope is we can come up with a better way to recognise our unsung heroes.

Whilst the conferral of Grand Rank is a key part of Freemasonry’s system of recognising service, it also has some fundamental drawbacks. The current parameters are limited to recognising a small percentage of those who really do fantastic work for Freemasonry. As a result many do not get appropriate recognition for their dedication.

To examine this matter I appointed a diverse group of Brethren and through the Grand Secretary, called for submissions from interested Brethren. The committee, under the chairmanship of RWBro. Richard Elkington, Deputy Grand Master, have been meeting and discussing this issue and their interim report was received by me last week. I am now pleased to circulate this to you for comment and consideration.


Whilst exploring this matter, a whole new topic has emerged from the initial feedback. Grand Rank is only one possible method of recognition. I therefore propose to have a sub-group of the committee consider a broader system of service recognition to complement the conferral of Grand Rank. This will enable us to look at our newer members, partners and even non-Freemasons, to recognise their contributions.

I have reserved my position on this issue until I receive feedback from the membership on the recommendations of this interim report.

For ease of compiling the feedback, I would be obliged if you would send any thoughts or recommendations to the Grand Secretary by 31 March 2019, either by letter or email

For the avoidance of doubt, I can confirm that conferrals and promotions submitted by Lodges in 2018 are currently being considered. Successful applications will be made at the Grand Proclamation in May.


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

Dear Brethren,

February 2019 marks ten years since the Black Saturday bush fires, a day of cataclysmic proportion. For the second time in a generation, bush fires raged across Victoria, leaving a trail of destruction in its path, resulting in the tragic loss of life of 173 men, women and children.

I was in Kinglake this week attending a commemoration service and was struck, that whilst ten years have passed since that terrible day, many scars remain on people’s lives, not just the blackened trunks of trees. Tears were shed, during the minute’s silence, as memories flooded back. We also heard of a man who commemorates the loss of his two daughters by holding a solitary vigil at 6:00am on the anniversary of losing his children and placing flowers at the primary school they attended. Sometimes the scars beneath the surface run deep.

We should all remember the families who lost loved ones and reflect on stories of survival and resilience. We commemorate the efforts of the CFA as well as every local hero who witnessed catastrophe in our city’s backyard.

Freemasons Victoria sends a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to our Black Saturday Fundraiser ten years ago. Freemasons from across Victoria and indeed Australasia took part in a myriad of fundraising efforts and together we raised $1,000,000. In addition to which many Brethren, directed by the Freemasons Taskforce, cleared dams, rescued animals and helped rebuild fences amongst many visible acts of support to the affected farms and communities. Your generosity of spirit and contributions in both financial ways and in kind acts made a huge difference in the community.

Some of our Brethren as well as their families and friends witnessed or were affected by one of the most horrifying days in our State’s history. Many Brethren in the CFA, SES, Police and medical services came to the aid of the many, but they too have to be admired for the resilience and conscious decision to put others before themselves. They too require support from us to their wellbeing; when they give so much to others.

As Freemasons, we believe in a community built on true friendship, compassion and honesty where we are guided by our three great principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. We are taught to practice charity and to care not only for one another, but for the community as a whole through charitable giving and voluntary effort. In a time of trouble, we showed tolerance and respect for all and responded with kindness and understanding to all who suffered.

We should never forget Black Saturday or Ash Wednesday. However, the land has recovered and tress have grown leaves and seeded new trees, so your efforts helped the community rebuild itself, encouraged families to keep going and again believe there were people only too willing to give a helping hand. Our contributions in many communities have never been forgotten and should make us all proud. This should equally encourage everyone to continue to look for other opportunities to demonstrate acts of kindness to each other and our community and act on them.

Brethren, I thank you all for upholding our core values and more importantly, for helping those who need it most by giving a helping hand or just a hand up.


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

Dear Brethren,

As we approach the final few days of the year, I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest best wishes to you and your loved ones for an enjoyable Christmas as well as a very happy and successful 2019. I also take this opportunity to thank you all, sincerely, for everything you have done to advance Freemasonry over the course of the year.

2018 has been a full year, a year in which we can reflect positively on the achievements made, many of which were highlighted at Wednesday evening’s Quarterly Communication.

I would also like to kindly ask for your support in using this season of goodwill to extend a hand of friendship to your Brethren who might need some friendly cheer, not forgetting our widows who might also welcome a thoughtful gesture. Freemasonry is like an extended family and, as such, we should all look at making every one of our Brethren and widows know we are thinking of them.

Whilst 2019 will undoubtedly produce its own challenges, I know that as a group we will rise to meet them and in so doing make it a landmark year for our fraternity.

May you have a restful break and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2019 as we strive to make the world a better place, one man at a time.

Fraternal Kind Regards,

Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

Dear Brethren,

As many of you will know, an important part of the manpower required to deliver on the Strategic Plan comes from our volunteers. Some of these work on membership, finance, property, legal, ritual and ceremonial, and the Grand Team. I know the great efforts put in by these Brethren is significant.  Some in the membership may not realise that each one of these Brethren devote a huge amount of their time with assisting the Craft, travelling far and wide, without any monetary support whatsoever.

(A complete list of the volunteers is available upon request.)

This year the Board of General Purposes has approved the reintroduction of another key area of importance: Marketing and Communications.

The Marketing and Communications Volunteer Action Team (VAT) will, as with the other VATs, provide support to the central office staff. This communications team was originally created at the time of MWBro. Garry Sebo’s term but has been in abeyance for some years. The Board and I believe it is critical to the well-being of the general membership, that improved communication with the Brethren, as a key area of importance, is given greater emphasis.

Equally that as we aim to attract and retain new members, an exciting and coordinated approach to both our external and internal marketing is a key focus; especially as we position our fraternity for new growth and vigour. One recent example of this is the reinstatement of the Square and Compasses in place of FMV as our predominant logo/brand which you will shortly receive advice on. For the sake of clarity, the work on reformatting our brand was all done in-house, by Bro. Andrew Power, Emily Johnson and Kelly Leventis. No external consultants were used; just volunteers as advisors.

This VAT has already started their work, and more information on this will follow.

I am delighted that RWBro. Andrew McPhee SGW is leading this group and in 2019, will become the Grand Superintendent of Communications.

In Membership, our most important of all areas; with the vacancy created by RWBro. Garry Runge, stepping up to Grand Secretary/Manager of Masonic Services, the Board has also approved the appointment of VWBro. Chris Andrews PGIWkgs as Grand Superintendent of Membership.

In ritual and ceremonial, which distinguishes us from all other organisations, the Board has approved WBro. Ian Cross PSGD to be the incoming Grand Inspector of Workings.

It is pleasing to note that the leaders of these VATs along with Property met as a group on Monday. This ensures a coordinated and aligned approach to delivering on the key areas of growing our membership and improving the membership experience. Equally as important is the commitment by the Board to build a succession plan to ensure consistency in our approach.

In line with the new governance structure, the President of the Board and Grand Registrar roles are appointed by the Board of General Purposes, and this will happen at the November meeting.

I therefore confirm that the list of Senior Grand Officers for 2019-2020* is as follows:

  • Senior Grand Warden: RWBro. Garry James
  • Junior Grand Warden: RWBro. Christopher Scott
  • President, Board of General Purposes: RWBro. Justin Stark*
  • Grand Secretary: RWBro. Garry Runge JP
  • Grand Chaplains: VWBro. Rev. Gordon McKenzie and VWBro. Felix Pintado
  • Grand Treasurer: VWBro. Craig Head
  • Grand Registrar: RWBro. Ian Upjohn QC*
  • Grand Almoner: RWBro. Barry Minster OAM OS
  • Grand Superintendent of Membership: VWBro. Christopher Andrews
  • Grand Superintendent of Works: VWBro. Dr Matteo Donato
  • Grand Inspector of Workings: VWBro. Ian Cross
  • Grand Superintendent of Communications: RWBro. Andrew McPhee
  • Grand Superintendent of Education: RWBro. Ian Buckingham
  • Grand Director of Music: WBro. Jim Taylor
  • Deputy Grand Superintendent of Membership: WBro. Bill Lodge
  • Deputy Grand Superintendent of Education: WBro. Brendan Kyne
  • Deputy Grand Inspector of Workings: WBro. Jim Karabatsos
  • Deputy Grand Superintendent of Communications: WBro. Dom Gullace
  • Grand Organist: RWBro. Roger Manderson
  • Grand Herald: WBro. Bill O’Shea

*still to be confirmed by BOGP


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

On Monday 5 November at Bayside Masonic Centre I will be attending a very special ceremony hosted by the United Service Lodge, who will present a Drumhead Ceremony of Remembrance honouring the Centenary of the Armistice.

Many Lodges will host special events to honour the Centenary of the Armistice but this ceremony is unique, being conducted by Masonic veterans to honour not only Freemasons who served in WW1 but also all Australians and their allies who served.

This is an historic event because it marks the end of one of the most horrific periods in recent history. The Drumhead Ceremony is historic in itself, being a military ceremony with ancient origins yet, seldom seen, even in today’s military.  The ceremony is colourful, emotive and very symbolic. It is religious in nature but ecumenical in spirit, the content is similar to that of many Vacant Chair Ceremonies held by Service Lodges.

I encourage all Freemasons, non-Freemasons, ex-servicemen and ladies to attend. Together we can honour the 62,000 Australians who failed to return home from WW1 including the 250 Victorian Freemasons.

Also in attendance will be special guests from the RSL along with MWBro. Peter Julier (GM UGL MMM) and MEmComp Greg Harmer (GZ SGCV).

Dress code:
• Freemasons – Masonic Dress with Regalia and Service Decorations
• Non-Freemasons – Smart casual for visitors with Medals


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

In January 2011 a policy was released by the then Grand Master, MWBro. Vaughan Werner, following advice from an advisory panel, for the conferrals and promotions in Grand Rank. In announcing this policy it is stated,

‘The point is strongly made that there will be no right or entitlement for Grand Rank. It will be awarded by the Grand Master, based solely on merit. The intent of this policy is to move towards and maintain a proportion of Grand Officers of ten percent of the membership.’

As it stands, we have a total membership of 8507 Brethren and of these, we have 2273, or approximately 27% of our members who currently hold Grand Rank. So, on this basis, we are approaching a position where almost three times as many members hold Grand Rank, much more than what was envisaged in 2011. Equally, the issue of promotions and who believes it is their ‘turn’ to receive a promotion has a tendency to create disharmony. Often, a Brother feels that he should have been considered over somebody else, or because someone thinks they are entitled to it, by just the qualification of the passage of time.

Some might say that is a good thing as it demonstrates that we have a lot of Brethren who have given great service to the Craft. Others might say it shows that our membership age profile tends to confirm that most of our members, senior by age, hold Grand Rank and as more younger men join, it will naturally adjust. Whilst others will say that in too many Lodges there is an inequitable number of Grand Officers to the general membership, which can be seen as a barrier to demonstrating the equality amongst all Brethren in a Lodge. Some others have also suggested that a conferral or promotion should only take place once during a Grand Master’s tenure.

So it is fair to say there has been a lot of discussion, over time on this prickly issue!

I don’t profess to know what the best way forward on Grand Rank is. What I can say is that I have decided to place a halt on conferrals and promotions, until a report is received from a special advisory panel I am forming to submit a recommendation on whether there should be a change to the policy. The purpose of this is to create an appropriate reward/rank system to genuinely reflect great service toward Freemasonry, in its widest sense. I hope this advisory panel will meet in the near term, so we can consider and discuss their recommendations with all interested members. The panel will comprise of senior Freemasons, but they will also seek submissions from any member that has a view they would like to have shared.

Further information on this will be circulated in due course.


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

Good morning Brethren,

Firstly, thank you to all the Brethren that have participated in the Member Forums so far. To recap, we have hosted these forums in Wodonga, Warrnambool, Sunshine, Bendigo, Keysborough, Baxter, Traralagon, Ballarat and Bendigo with more to follow.

As we look to the future, we must listen to one another and consider what needs to be done to achieve our strategic plan. One constant that struck me and everyone who attended these forums, was the energy and indeed the hunger to make Freemasonry in Victoria vital and inspiring to belong to. It is interesting for me, to note that some have in the past said that our Fraternity’s capacity to develop and improve is limited and in fact that trying to discuss and encourage new thinking is bound to result in disagreements and disharmony.

If I am any judge of the character of our membership, it is a sense that we are all now firmly of the belief we can work together, everyone, to achieve not just an evolution, but a revolution. We can surely see a way forward to improve how we operate administratively, yet also bring our traditions and indeed, our reason for being Freemasons, much more to the fore.

As you know, these forums were not about bringing forward decisions of the Board, but rather to open discussion, share information and consider our next steps. From these, a newsletter will be prepared with notes from each of the forums and this will form the basis of further discussions. In simple terms, the 4 topics and general responses can be summarised as follows:

The Constitution 
Brethren do seem to want a Constitution which is clear, both in language and priorities. That some matters are handled more appropriately/efficiently by our board or at District level.

Generally, there is a preference to change the voting system within The Constitution. Members suggested a voting system of a secret ballot and we should look to have ways of doing this which can better involve the vast majority of our members in any important decision.

Masonic Behaviour
Sadly, it was all too common to hear of bad behaviour going unchecked and often some Brethren voting with their feet and leaving our Fraternity, for want of brotherly love being supported. However, there is a growing sense that Lodges need to address this at their level, rather than taking it to the central office. Some believe it would be beneficial for a mediation service to be provided at District levels to resolve some quarrels.

District Principles
A common theme was a preference for more decision making to be more locally focussed. To achieve this, it will require both improving both the knowledge and leadership skills of Brethren and suitable support from the central office would be required to assist the District Coordinator and his panel.

Membership Fees/Finance
This is always a sensitive issue with members. The common message was that Brethren do expect to pay towards the operations of our Fraternity but place great reliance on the Board to provide better financial justification and clearer reports. Most believe that it should be one fee, payable by all and that any Brother in need of assistance should be supported by his own Lodge, rather than the organisation granting concessional fees.

There is an expectation that our Board must ensure Freemasonry in Victoria has a sustainable financial model, so we can pass on the organisation to future generations in good financial health.

In providing more and easier to understand information at the Member Forums to our members, some suggestions considered and discussed were:

  • Membership fees being set at $130.00 (inc. GST) from 1 July 2019 and thereafter increasing annually by CPI.
  • Membership fees being set at $125 (inc. GST) from 1 January 2019, with a further increase of 5% in January 2020, but then the Board put a proposal for consideration in March 2021 for implementation in July 2021.

Having these discussions and being respectful of the processes for our Lodge Treasurers, a possible solution that covers both and the financial requirements would be:

  • Membership fee to be payable from 1 July 2019 of $125 (inc. GST)
  • Membership fee to be payable from 1 July 2020 of $130 (inc. GST)
  • Membership fee to be payable from 1 July 2021 be the amount adjusted for the annual CPI figure from December, in the preceding year, announced at the March Quarterly Communication.

I am very grateful to everyone that has participated thus far in these Member Forums. I believe we are now setting in place a new way forward for the organisation in bringing as many people into the conversation on how we can take the steps of informing our members and making the decisions we need, to improve our organisation and membership.

I look forward to meeting up with as many of you as possible at future Member Forums, where we can work together as one, while we aim to make the world a better place…


Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master

Brethren, one of the most important issues we face as an organisation is good communication. This is particularly important as we move the organisation forward together; that we share our ideas on how we would like our member experience to be better, our Lodges to be better and yes, our services to the members to be better still. Equally that in coming together on this, we can all be part of the solution.

I firmly believe, we have a renewed purpose in our Craft, and our membership as a whole is excited about the opportunities now opening up, to again put Freemasonry on the map in Victoria. With this in mind, I can advise that whilst we have now had a successful membership forum, at Bayside, Box Hill, Geelong and Traralgon, this is only to be the first of many.

Shortly we will be announcing the date and locations of a further 8 forums in July and August, which will take place around the state. I am very clear that many of these forums must take place in the regions. Equally, we hope to be able to film these so as to get the information and points raised to as many Brethren as possible, for those who cannot attend.

Further details will be provided shortly, but let me assure you that my aim is for any questions or suggestions to be discussed openly and where practical, a response and detail will be provided on the spot. We have nothing to gain from persisting in a them and us mentality. If we are to make our organisation work better for our members then we must all take on our individual responsibility, to help each other, our own Lodge and the Craft in general. That includes everyone; Brethren, we all need to work for the common good of the fraternity as a whole.


There is a great deal of activity happening in Freemasons Victoria at the moment.

We have the June Quarterly Communications coming up, the Leadership program, run in conjunction with Leadership Victoria is progressing, with very positive feedback from participants, and we are about to launch a series of member forums across the state.

Over the past few weeks you will have seen an increase in communications from the Board and there 
will be more to follow in the weeks leading up to the June Quarterly Communications. It is important that the Board is open and transparent on the need for change. 

It is also important that we, as the senior leaders of the Craft in Victoria, provide the necessary 
support to the Board and to our brothers, and do our best to ensure the future viability of our great fraternity.

June Quarterly Communications – membership fees:

There are a number of key positives regarding the proposed increase in membership fees.

The increase to $150 is fixed for three years. This provides a degree of certainty for everyone. We will not be going back to the membership to seek further increases until 2021.
The proposal is that the increase in membership fees is approved by the membership on 20
June, but the new rate will not be applied until 1 January 2019. This gives members and Lodge
Secretaries time to submit and consider applications for concessional rates.
The concessional fee model proposed should ensure that no member who has difficulty in
paying the increased membership fee is disadvantaged. The expansion of the concessional fee criteria means that any member who holds a Health Care card, or Pensioner Concession card (a card that carries the same status as the Health Care card) will not be required to pay the increased membership fee and will be able to remain at the current level of membership fee: $114.95.

Member forums:
We are also taking steps to ensure that members have an opportunity to discuss any concerns, or ask any questions they may have on the issue of membership fees, and more generally on the state of the Craft, at 4 member forums.

These are being held at Bayside, Traralgon, Box Hill and Geelong on Thursday 31 May, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. They are an opportunity for us, as senior leaders of the Craft, and the Board, to have open and honest dialogue with the membership. If you have not already registered your interest in attending one of these forums I would encourage you to do so. Contact Julia Edwards on 03 9411 0103 or and she will be happy to assist you with registration.

The feedback we get from these sessions will ensure that the Board understands the views of the membership and, similarly, the membership have an opportunity to increase their understanding of the changes that we are making and of the outlook for the fraternity. We will be holding more of these forums, in a range of locations, later in the year.

Joint Orders – Combined operations:
As you are aware the Craft, the Chapter, and the Mark signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) earlier this month. This MoU is an agreement between the three Orders to explore opportunities for improving the operations of the three Orders.

By combining the staff and functions from the three Orders we will reduce duplication, achieve
synergies and deliver cost savings. Whilst the independence of the Boards, and the Masonic rights and privileges of the three Orders will remain unchanged, this move is a positive step towards bringing the business and administrative functions of the three Orders closer together, and will deliver greater unity between the Craft, the Chapter, and the Mark.

Lodges and Membership:
Brethren, I am sure you will join me in celebrating the continued renewal and growth of our great fraternity. 

Recently we have commenced a number of new Lodges; The Earl of Dunmore, Concordia in southeast Gippsland, Academic, and Virtual. This is evidence of our renewed vigour. Our new member 
numbers also look exciting.

We have over 260 active applications currently being processed and the work we undertook last year to better understand how to attract new members via our web portals and social media is returning dividends. Just the other day we forwarded 9 new applicants to Districts in one day! Whilst this is good news for the fraternity it is imperative that we all play an active role in welcoming new members and ensure that we provide support and leadership to our District Coordinators and Lodges so that we are in the best position to provide a life-long experience for these new Masons. 

Bro. Keith Murray
Grand Master


It is time we all considered the importance of harmony
within our Lodges. An organisation's strength comes from its members being in
harmony and this is especially applicable within the Craft. It is apparent that
some Lodges are not promoting harmony amongst their Brethren, as much as we
would all like. There is also a widely held view that some members seem to
bathe in self-satisfaction from engaging in divisive debates in various forums.

In our ceremonies and practices, we are actively encouraged
not to engage in political discussion. For some, they believe this is limited
to not talking about Liberal vs Labor, Pauline Hanson and the tax system.
However, this is not the complete message contained in these important lessons.
Unfortunately, we have all seen some Brethren playing the game of
organisational politics. This is particularly evident when individuals seek to
either squash an idea they disagree with, or they choose to raise an argument
to promote their own individual preferences, at the expense of listening to and
learning from others.

Often, the social media platform becomes a preferred medium
to voice an opinion regarding an individual or topic. Some members are
determined to be negative and seek to find the slightest fault in any
initiative, when it is clear that even a slight shift would benefit the
membership and the Lodge. This then becomes a trend and we see a negative flow
on social media because a single member cannot accept what could benefit the
entire organisation.

As I have travelled around our state visiting many Lodges,
it occurred to me that our country Lodges can be an example of how we can all
work together to foster harmony. These Lodges have a strong bond and a
heightened sense of community, whereby members of nearby Lodges attend in
support of each other, fill in offices, deliver charges, support fundraising
and social events and at the end of the night, everybody goes home with a smile
on their face. Generally, Lodges do not carry large bank balances and what they
do have is often used to support members in need and their local community. In
essence, the Lodge is united while fostering harmony.

Unfortunately, we appear to have some members who enjoy
becoming embroiled in the negative chatter on Facebook and who forget the very
basic principles of Freemasonry. Would we honestly expect good men to join and
retain their membership when they are exposed to negativity and nit-picking on
any initiative proposed by our Board? How can we progress as an organisation
when some of our Brethren refuse to move forward and would rather remain
stagnant, or go backward, than experience even the slightest change?

Victorian Freemasonry is now moving forward, and instead of
managing the decline, we are investing in our future and in doing so we aim to
attract many good men who are looking for a ‘third place’. To be part of a
fraternity that promotes self-development and the value of the common good is
truly special, rather than becoming intertwined and focusing on the importance
of individuals and self-absorption. Therefore, this makes it even more
important to reassess our individual behaviour and promote harmony within our
Lodges where the activity and energy is cohesive, progressive and welcoming. We
must always remember that everyone in our Lodges has pledged themselves to work
together for the good of society.

Brethren, we must avoid resting on our laurels of past
achievements and petty arguments, because in doing so, we fail to move forward.
Rather, let us work in harmony together to build our Lodges into places where
everyone is pulling the weight together in union. Let our Lodges be a welcoming
place for those struggling with time or money who require support from their
fellow Brethren, where we consign politicking to the history of the
organisation and build confidence to cater for inclusiveness.

I encourage everyone to consider the words of Lao Tzu, the
founder of Taoism.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words

Watch your words, for they become actions

Watch your actions for they become habits

Watch your habits, for they become character

Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

Our charges inherently encourage us to be exemplary in our
words, thoughts and deeds and by this we can become exemplary in our character.
By being of good character we can help each other and by doing so, we can make
the world a better place, one man at a time.


As we move into the holiest period of the year, let us take some time to reflect upon the lives of our loved ones, and come together working toward being more accepting of all faiths.

On Friday 30 March, many Brethren will be showing their support for the Good Friday Appeal through the longstanding fundraising efforts led by our Taskforce, in conjunction with Uncle Bobs. Across the state, hundreds of good men (and their families) will be out in force for this worthy cause.


The United Grand Lodge of Victoria has an unrivalled reputation for ceremonial excellence and the 2018 Grand Lodge Ceremonial Team had their “graduation” at Creswick last weekend.

I and the Grand Director of Ceremonies designate, WBro. Barry Dyce were very impressed with the standard they have already achieved after 14 weeks of training.

The Team are all too aware of the expectations of all Brethren, not only on their ceremonial standard, in addition to as incoming Grand Master I have equally high expectations that they will individually be ambassadors for Freemasons Victoria. I therefore expect they will be prominent and available in our Lodges and be friendly and courteous to all.

Click HERE to view the full list of Grand Lodge Officers to be invested at the Grand Installation.

Albert Street East Melbourne

If any of you have driven along Albert Street or Victoria Parade, East Melbourne you will doubtlessly have seen the amazing transformation taking place to create our new Melbourne headquarters and also The Eastbourne residential building.

The construction is on schedule and all being well we will take handover of the Masonic building in June 2019 and we are focusing our attention on the internal fit-out of our space.

I recently inspected the construction site and the structure and flooring of our area has already been built. I am sure we are all excited at the prospect of returning “home” to East Melbourne and it is very soon becoming a reality. Please click HERE for the time-lapse film video of the process.

Fact Sheet

Thank you for your registration for our Grand Installation and associated events. Click HERE to view the 2018 Grand Installation fact sheet.


On behalf of Fiona and myself, I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the overwhelming show of support for the upcoming Grand Installation.

We are both humbled and honoured to be able to share this historic gathering of Brethren and guests from across Victoria and also from across the seas.

This Masonic Celebration has attracted unprecedented numbers and is a significant show of the tangible unity we all believe is so important for the Craft.

As you would be aware, registrations for the Grand Installation closed on Wednesday 17 January and members were invited to contact the office to be placed on a wait list. The wait list is now full and members will be contacted should any seats become unexpectedly available.


Once again, I offer our sincere appreciation for the outpouring of support. We are looking forward to what will no doubt be a memorable weekend.

For any enquiries related to the program of events, please contact Julia Edwards on or 039411 0103.