Message from the Marketing and Communications VAT

  • 5 April 2019

As most of you would have seen recently, our Grand Master Bro. Keith Murray posted and shared a link for the Melbourne City Mission sleep at the G Event. Melbourne City Mission is an organisation that works in a number of areas to assist and support disadvantaged people in and around our Melbourne Communities.

The Sleep at the G Initiative is an annual Melbourne City Mission Event that specifically raises funds for around 6,000 people who are facing homelessness in our city. We are pleased to announce that Freemasons Victoria is currently working with members of our organisation with a view of forming a Freemasons Victoria Sleep at the G Team, which will take place on Thursday 16 May 2019.

The Freemasons Victoria sleepover initiative is supported by Bro. Keith Murray and the Board of General purposes. It will be managed and implemented by Freemasons Victoria’s Marketing and Communications Volunteer Action Team led by Grand Superintendent of Communications (Designate) Bro. Andrew McPhee and assisted by a team of Freemasons Victoria volunteer sleepover coordinators. The Sleepover Coordinator’s role will be to promote the event to Brethren and their families and friends within their district and to act as sleepover Coordinators leading up to and on the night of the event.

Sleepover Event Date Time Location
The Sleep at the G event takes place on Thursday the 16 May 2019 and admission is between 5:00pm – 8:00pm at the MCG Members Reserve area (Entry via Gate 2). Breakfast is available for sleepover patrons on Friday morning between 6:00am – 8:00am and all patrons must exit the MCG by 8:00am on Friday morning.   

Registration Process
Each person wishing take part in the sleepover will need to register either via the web link we provide or via the Sleepover at the G website. Once you have registered, your sleepover ticket will be emailed to you. The registration cost for a single sleepover ticket is $55 for an early bird ticket and $70 for general release. The registration cost covers your ticket a cardboard box to sleep on, dinner (soup), coffee, tea and a basic breakfast.

Who Can Take Part?
Freemasons and their families and friends as well as non-Freemasons can take part in our Freemasons Victoria sleepover team.

Sponsoring and Donating Toward Registered Team Members
Anyone can make donations or sponsor any of our registered team members (minimum donation $1).

Freemasons Victoria Sleepover Team Volunteers
We currently have three Grand Lodge Volunteers working on administration and nine Brethren volunteering from various districts who will also be working as volunteer sleepover Coordinators.

Details of the Event
Details will be shared on Facebook and other social media platforms as well as in Freemasons Victoria Newsletters (Engage and Freemasons Victoria News). We are also in the process of seeking assistance and support from all our District Coordinators. We are encouraging all Freemasons their families and friends to register, sponsor or donate in support of our sleepover team. We are hopeful and wish to gather 100 – 200 registrations.

Freemasons Victoria Sleepover Team Details
Registered as a Community Group Sleepover Team
Team Name: Freemasons Victoria
Team Captain: Andrew McPhee
Web link support: Brandt Ebeyer
Lead Sleepover Coordinators: Chris Formosa, Dominic Gullace 

All team correspondence and communications can be directed to or contact Bro. Chris Formosa on 0401 569 758.