Message from the Grand Inspector of Workings

  • 15 February 2019
  • Bro. Bruce Carey GIWkgs

Consider our Member Experience

Brethren, it has been brought to my attention that at busy meetings when a Lodge is going to struggle to complete its business (and ceremonial work) in a reasonable time, the DC of the day tends to introduce all visiting PMs as per usual. May I direct your attention to page 65 of the Book of Lodge Workings (BOLW) section 6.6.1 which points out that at meetings when time is tight and especially when a candidate is waiting to proceed or any number of instances where we need to get a move on, it is permissible and indeed recommended that PMs be admitted in GLOBO. Whilst we need to appreciate and respect visits from a PM, we also need to respect the candidates or jewel recipients, and, or a presenter waiting for the members in the South. I’m sure that most PMs don’t go and visit a Lodge for the express purpose of being introduced. I urge WMs, DCs and in some cases Lodge Secretaries to bear this in mind for future meetings.

And, for Lodges who are looking to streamline their meetings especially on busy nights, a time shortened ballot is now available which takes approximately half the time of the conventional ballot without giving away any of our traditions. This has been trialled at a couple of Lodges with success. The procedure for the time reduced ballot is available on the Lodge Resources web page or for easier access it can be found here:

Two Lodges recently trialled an adjourned a First Degree ceremony (an Initiation split in two parts), immediately following the adjournment further explanation of what had just transpired was offered to the Initiate. The second part of the ceremony was completed at the following meeting. Whilst this approach may not suit some Lodges, it does offer an alternative if desired.

The Grand Master is encouraging Lodges to try different things or more particularly being a little more autonomous or self-directed without losing sight of the BOLW which offers a comprehensive guide as to how things can be done. 

Yours Fraternally,
Bro. Bruce Carey GIWkgs