Message from the Grand Almoner

  • 15 February 2019
  • Bro. Barry Minster OAM, Grand Almoner

Connecting with Compassion and Commitment

The aim of every Freemason is to show Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. These simple but meaningful ideals are occasionally overlooked. If we do not look out for our Brethren and show these important elements, we are doomed to fail as a brotherhood.

I strongly recommend that each member should actively take on the role of Almoner in their Lodge and continue to look for warning signs when a Brother or indeed one or more of their dependents are not answering summons, phone calls and appear to be in distress.

No longer do we live in tight knit communities where you were born, schooled, and employed. Places where you did your grocery shopping and hired local tradesmen.

Today we are regularly travelling long distances to attend our Lodge meetings which means often we do not have contact with our fellow Brethren outside of those meetings.

We must be more open to communicating.

By only being a phone call away allows us to have access to every member in our Lodge. 

Please ensure all members are provided with membership lists and contact details.

Our younger members (under 50) are demanding instantaneous means of communication. This puts pressure on us older Brethren to keep up with today’s technology.

Mobile phones, email and social media are all methods of ensuring that no one is overlooked.

Take time to ensure everyone has access to communication so when a Brother is in need of assistance, it can easily be provided.